Flava: A Revolutionary Approach to Showroom Design

Silambarasan Ganapathy's Award-Winning Design Transforms Retail Experience

Flava, a plywood and veneer showroom in Bangalore, India, is a remarkable example of innovative design. This award-winning project by Silambarasan Ganapathy redefines the retail experience by blending segregation and connectivity, creating an immersive and sculptural space.

Located in the heart of Bangalore's timber and plywood business hub, Flava stands out with its assertive architectural presence. The design was inspired by a desire to detach the showroom from its industrial surroundings and provide end users with a unique experience. The result is a space that is both elegant and flexible, allowing for a wide range of products to be displayed.

The uniqueness of Flava lies in its blend of segregation and connectivity. The openness of the floor is kept intact, with all feature elements strategically planned to create a series of discussion pockets. The interior is sculpted in a monochromatic canvas that meticulously varies in surfaces and forms, dissolving the boundaries between the wall, floor, and ceiling. This design approach promotes a strong sense of design while leaving a stage for the products on display.

Flava's realization was made possible through the use of parametric design tools, which allowed for greater control over the design process and the potential to iterate quickly and efficiently. The use of Voronoi cells on the ceiling is a testament to the power of these tools, enabling the exploration of complex geometries that may not be possible through traditional design methods.

The design brief called for a two-level showroom with a distinguishable visual identity, providing a clean and flexible space to accommodate maximum display. The 3500 sq.ft showroom spreads across two stacked floors and a stockyard at the rear. The retail space has been specifically designed for the display of veneer and interior products, utilizing a narrow selection of materials including Birch plywood for the walls and ceiling, as well as grey Epoxy for the flooring.

The project, which started in December 2021 and was completed in May 2022, has received recognition across various platforms. It was awarded Silver in A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, a testament to its innovative and professionally remarkable design that illustrates outstanding expertise and innovation.

In conclusion, Flava is a testament to the power of innovative design in transforming spaces. Its unique blend of segregation and connectivity, its immersive and sculptural space, and its use of parametric design tools make it a standout project in the world of retail design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Silambarasan Ganapathy
Image Credits: Photographer : Yash Jain Fabrication : Imagineering
Project Team Members: Silambarasan Ganapathy
Project Name: Flava
Project Client: Silambarasan Ganapathy

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