Yi Xin Distillation: A Blend of Ancient Aesthetics and Modern Design

Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner: Tiger Pan's Exquisite Spirits Bottle

Inspired by the noble life of ancient Chinese dynasties, Tiger Pan's Yi Xin Distillation bottle is a testament to the power and quality of the dragon, a vital symbol of sovereign power. This article delves into the unique properties and design realization of this high-end Chinese spirit bottle, which blends heritage and modernity.

The Yi Xin Distillation bottle stands out in the crowded spirits market with its unique design features. The bottle does not require a label, as the dragon perched on top symbolizes the exalted nature of the spirits within. The bottle's outer box is simple yet exquisite, employing the symmetry aesthetics of ancient Chinese culture. This design choice reflects the brand's desire to bring historical heritage into modern use.

The bottle's material also sets it apart from competitors. While most high-end spirits are packaged in ceramics, the Yi Xin Distillation bottle is crafted from glass. This choice enhances the bottle's gloss and texture, elevating its overall appearance. The dragon at the bottleneck, drawn in the ancient Chinese style, clings to the bottle, further emphasizing its unique design.

The bottle measures 180mm x 130mm x 285mm, a size that balances practicality and aesthetic appeal. The design process, which took place over two months in Shenzhen and was produced in Beijing, was a collaborative effort. The team included Creative Director Tiger Pan, Graphic Designer Jingwen Xiang, Image Editor Juanjuan Wu, Technical Directors Zhangkun Xie and Miaorong Lu, and Project Manager Hua You.

The design team faced several challenges during the creation of the Yi Xin Distillation bottle. The complex shape of the dragon proved difficult to realize in the design. However, the end result is a bottle that can be recognized and selected by consumers from afar, saving them the effort of searching for an ideal product.

The Yi Xin Distillation bottle design is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, making it difficult for new changes. However, the brand image of Yi Xin Distillation is presented to consumers in a contemporary aesthetic, successfully integrating historical heritage into the modern era. The design was awarded the Golden A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding and trendsetting creation.

The intellectual property rights for the Yi Xin Distillation bottle design belong to Tiger Pan. The design is a testament to the designer's ability to blend ancient aesthetics with modern design, creating a product that is not only functional but also a work of art. The Yi Xin Distillation bottle is a shining example of how design can elevate a product, making it a standout in its market.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: TIGER PAN
Image Credits: Tiger Pan
Project Team Members: Creative Director: Tiger Pan Graphic Design: Jingwen Xiang Image Editing: Juanjuan Wu Technical Direction: Zhangkun Xie Technical Direction: Miaorong Lu Project Manager: Hua You
Project Name: Yi Xin Distillation
Project Client: TIGER PAN

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Yi Xin Distillation IMG #5

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