Reviving Tradition Through Packaging: The Hainan Beer

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd. Blends Cultural Elements and Modern Aesthetics in Award-Winning Design

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd. unveils a unique packaging design for Hainan Beer, inspired by the local landscape and culture of Hainan. The design, which won the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, seamlessly integrates traditional elements with modern aesthetics, offering a refreshing and authentic experience to its users.

Designed to reflect the natural scenery and relaxed lifestyle of Hainan, the packaging incorporates various elements such as sea waves, sailing boats, coconut trees, lighthouses, seabirds, surfboards, the sun, and characteristic patterns of the native Lination. These elements are subtly integrated into the word 'Hainan', highlighting the harmonious blend of traditional national culture and natural ecology in Hainan.

The unique properties of the design lie in its careful replication of Hainan's authentic flavor while catering to modern aesthetic tastes. The bottled beer packaging integrates iconic elements of Hainan, while the can packaging uses thermochromic ink, causing a postmark pattern to gradually appear as the temperature reduces. The outer paper box, shaped like a suitcase, further enhances the user experience.

Realized through the use of a glass bottle, an aluminium can printed with thermochromic ink, and an outer paper box made of environmentally friendly kraft paper, the design is as sustainable as it is innovative. The slim glass bottle, designed with a relief sculpture, facilitates a one-hand grip for users, while the thermochromic ink on the canned beer offers an interesting interaction between the packaging and the product.

The design, developed in Beijing in March 2022, is set to launch in China in July 2023. The project was a collaborative effort, with team members Dong Yan, Weixi Zhou, Yan Yang, and Jialiang Mao contributing to its realization. The team faced the challenge of balancing the cultural characteristics of Hainan with modern packaging design, overcoming this by shedding conventional design ideas and integrating diverse cultural elements into the word 'Hainan' through modern graphic design.

Research for the design was based on inspiration from the streets of Haikou and sea breezes in Wanning, as well as the characteristics of Hainan in a globalized view. The aim was to provide users with the authentic flavor of Hainan in hot summer, allowing them to enjoy the distinctive lifestyle and culture as if living in Hainan. The design's success in achieving this goal is evident in its Silver A' Packaging Design Award, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Team Members: Dong Yan Weixi Zhou Yan Yang Jialiang Mao
Project Name: Hainan Beer

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Hainan Beer IMG #5

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