Shoulder Massager: A Therapeutic Innovation for Pain Relief

Revolutionizing Physiotherapy with a Foldable Design

The existing periarthritis physiotherapy devices often fall short in providing a comfortable and effective solution for shoulder pain. New Design Biotechnology Co., Ltd has addressed this issue by introducing their groundbreaking Shoulder Massager. With its unique foldable structure and targeted treatment approach, this therapy apparatus offers a personalized and efficient solution for individuals suffering from shoulder inflammation.

The Shoulder Massager stands out from its competitors due to its innovative design and exceptional features. Unlike traditional devices, this massage physiotherapy instrument is equipped with a telescopic deformation mechanism, allowing it to adjust and fit snugly on shoulders of all shapes and sizes. By closely adhering to the joints of the human body, it ensures maximum contact and optimal treatment delivery.

One of the key strengths of the Shoulder Massager is its precise treatment of the pain area. Traditional devices focus on the side of the arm, neglecting the actual site of shoulder pain. In contrast, this design targets the front and back acupuncture points on the shoulder, sandwiching them between the device's front and back sections. This unique approach ensures that the treatment directly affects the shoulder pain area, providing effective relief.

The realization of this design incorporates various clinical treatment functions to accelerate the recovery and reorganization of frozen shoulder. The built-in heating element, combined with a cloth module for heat relief, offers soothing warmth to alleviate discomfort. Additionally, the use of red visible light at 630nm provides important biological and therapeutic effects on the body. The Shoulder Massager also incorporates Chinese medicine acupressure design, smoke-free moxibustion treatment, and 3D rhythmic vibration to further relieve soreness and promote healing.

With dimensions of 195mmx138mmx140mm, the Shoulder Massager is designed to fit the shoulders perfectly. Its 120-degree opening and closing mechanism ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The device utilizes point-to-point imitation lineup kneading, intelligent moxibustion, multi-level and multi-point hot compress, and 18 red light beads for targeted irradiation treatment.

The design team behind this innovative product includes Shaowei Zhang, Sile Zou, Hongtai Lin, Weijie Shen, Weijian Xie, Jialiang Li, Shengyan Liang, and Jinxing Li. Their collective efforts have resulted in a shoulder massager that combines functionality, comfort, and versatility.

Operating the Shoulder Massager is simple and user-friendly. The front of the device is divided into several small circles within a larger circle, providing a tangential golden ratio that separates the screen operation area from the front and rear treatment areas. The device's 120-degree rotating shaft structure ensures that the front section closely imitates human hand movements, effectively squeezing the shoulders and targeting the surrounding tissues and acupoints. The screen is conveniently located in front of the shoulder, and recessed buttons and voice prompt functions enhance ease of use and operation.

The development of the Shoulder Massager took approximately one year and was completed in October 2022. Extensive research on frozen shoulder treatment guided the design process, with a focus on addressing both the core treatment requirements and the immediate relief of shoulder pain.

The design team faced several challenges during the development process. They successfully overcame these obstacles by incorporating detachable straps for versatility across different shoulder sizes. The compact main unit minimizes internal stacking of parts, ensuring precise alignment with the treatment area. The modular design allows for the combination of the shoulder massager with other cloth airbag heating groups, enabling its use as a shoulder and knee massager. Ergonomic double straps provide stability and comfort, accommodating a wide range of body shapes.

The Shoulder Massager by New Design Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a testament to the power of innovation in the field of physiotherapy. Its foldable design, precise treatment approach, and advanced features make it a game-changer in the realm of pain relief. Whether you're seeking immediate comfort or long-term recovery, this therapeutic apparatus is a must-have for individuals suffering from shoulder inflammation.

Image Credits: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Awards and Accolades: This Design was awarded Iron in A' Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award in 2023. The Iron A' Design Award recognizes well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. Respected for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, they provide fulfillment and positive feelings, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Image Credits: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Project Team Members: Shaowei Zhang Sile Zou Hongtai Lin Weijie Shen Weijian Xie Jialiang Li Shengyan Liang Jinxing Li
Project Name: Shoulder Massager
Project Client: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

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