Ludwig Katrin: The Innovative Neck Fixer

A Breakthrough in Neck Fixation Technology

The Ludwig Katrin neck fixer is a revolutionary product designed by New Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd to provide a comfortable and effective solution for neck fixation. With its unique features and wireless design, it offers a convenient and portable experience for users.

Inspired by the limitations of existing neck fixing products, the designers at New Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd aimed to create a solution that prioritizes user comfort. Traditional neck fixers often come with long inflation tube components that can be cumbersome and uncomfortable to use. The Ludwig Katrin neck fixer addresses this issue by incorporating an in-built gasbag and an interior line-hidden structure.

Operating the Ludwig Katrin neck fixer is simple and hassle-free. Users can press the gasbag in the center to inflate it, providing the necessary support and fixation for the cervical spine. To release the air, they can press the exhaust button on the left side of the product. This wireless and portable design ensures a convenient experience for users, allowing them to use the neck fixer anytime and anywhere.

One of the standout features of the Ludwig Katrin neck fixer is its adjustable height. With six gears for adjusting the product height, users can find the perfect fit for their specific needs. Each gear of height adjustment is accompanied by a sound reminder, ensuring precise and comfortable positioning. The supporting plate behind the neck provides additional support during the up-and-down adjustment process.

Designed with the user's comfort in mind, the Ludwig Katrin neck fixer features a fabric that is removable and washable. This innovative design allows for easy maintenance and ensures a hygienic experience for users. Through extensive ergonomic wear tests and modifications, New Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd has created a therapeutic neck fixer that is lighter and more comfortable to use.

The Ludwig Katrin neck fixer is not only a breakthrough in neck fixation technology but also a testament to the dedication and creativity of the design team at New Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Its innovative features and user-centric design have earned it the Bronze A' Design Award in the Medical Devices and Medical Equipment category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes the product's outstanding design and its contribution to improving the quality of life for individuals with neck-related issues.

With the Ludwig Katrin neck fixer, New Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd has set a new standard in neck fixation technology. By prioritizing user comfort, convenience, and effectiveness, they have created a product that truly stands out in the market.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Image Credits: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Project Team Members: Shaowei Zhang Sile Zou Hongtai Lin Weijie Shen Weijian Xie Jialiang Li Shengyan Liang Jinxing Li
Project Name: Ludwig Katrin
Project Client: GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

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