Luciroda's Lux101: A Revolution in Baby Carriers

Golden A' Design Award Winner Transforms Baby Carrying Experience

Luciroda's Lux101, a toddler carrier that redefines comfort and convenience, has been awarded the prestigious Golden A' Baby, Kids and Children's Products Design Award in 2023. The innovative design offers a unique solution to the challenges of carrying a growing child, with a focus on ease of use, safety, and style.

Luciroda's inspiration for the Lux101 was to create a baby carrier that could be carried like a bag, allowing a baby to sit as they please. As babies grow, the frequency of carrying increases while the duration decreases. The Lux101 is designed to cater to this change, providing a quick and easy solution to carry and put down a baby, all while maintaining a stylish design and a broad view for the baby.

The Lux101 stands out with its unique side hip seat design, which allows a baby to be held sideways. This design not only disperses the weight on one shoulder but also prevents hip dysplasia, a common concern with traditional baby carriers. The carrier is made of lightweight, soft material and features a detachable bag for storage. The key to the Lux101's design is the efficient shoulder pad for sideways seating and a seat structure that minimizes pressure on a baby's thighs.

The Lux101's innovative design is backed by extensive research and testing. Luciroda collected data on the shape of a baby's legs, the wearer's pain area, and the frequency and duration of carrying a baby. They conducted interviews with parents and performed tests with dummy dolls on hundreds of seat designs. The result is a baby carrier that is not only comfortable and safe but also efficient and stylish.

The Lux101 is suitable for babies from 5 months to 5 years of age and can carry a maximum load of 20Kg. It features a 50mm webbing, an anti-slip seat, a 3D MESH back pad, a triple safety buckle, and a safety hook. The baby seat can be folded when not in use and unfolded when needed, providing a chair-like support for the baby's back. The carrier is made of a soft but strong webbing through a conditioner and heating work on polyester material, ensuring smooth length adjustment.

The Lux101 is a testament to Luciroda's commitment to innovation and design excellence. It is a shining example of how thoughtful design can transform everyday products into extraordinary solutions. The Lux101 is not just a baby carrier; it is a revolution in baby carrying experience.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: luciroda
Image Credits: Luciroda Design Team, 2022.
Project Team Members: luciroda
Project Name: Lux101
Project Client: luciroda

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