Zeekr Portable Power Station: A Revolution in Mobile Charging

Polar Krypton Automobile's Innovative Design Wins Silver A' Design Award

Zeekr Portable Power Station, a groundbreaking mobile charging equipment, is redefining outdoor experiences with its unique properties and advanced technology. This innovative design by Polar Krypton Automobile NB HGH Bay has been awarded the prestigious Silver A' Design Award in 2023.

The inspiration behind the Zeekr Portable Power Station stems from the growing need for portable power stations in outdoor activities such as camping and parties. The design team aimed to address the common issue of bulkiness associated with mobile power stations. The result is a chic, elegant, and compact power station that is easy to carry on the go.

The Zeekr Portable Power Station stands out from its counterparts with its unique properties. It boasts improved portability through lightweight technique and efficient heat dissipation supported by the pioneering Ultra Cool temperature control technology. The integrated handles and a multifunctional antigravity strap enhance its portability. Its multiple accessories for outdoor use, like a mosquito repellent, a flashlight, and a stereo, cater to various needs in different scenarios.

The realization of this design was made possible through the use of lightweight technique, which reduces the weight of the power station to about 10kg. The integrated handles and a multifunctional antigravity strap allow users to carry the product easily, increasing its usage frequency. The product's soft and natural vibe is achieved through rounded edges and a matte finish, available in black or white color.

Boasting 1095Wh massive capacity, 1200W high power, and 17 ports compatible with 8 kinds of cables including AC, DC, USB, etc., the Zeekr portable power station can charge multiple devices at the same time. The battery management system monitors temperature, voltage, and current in real time to safeguard the battery itself and users. Two wireless flash charging modules, the intelligent control app, and the function of emergency power supply further improve user experience.

The Zeekr Portable Power Station was designed in October 2021, in Hangzhou, and launched in January 2022, in China. The design team, including Shihao Qiu, Huinan Wu, Jiayi Liu, and Hao Guo, aimed to provide users with a safe, durable, economical, and convenient temporary power supply service, considering the increasing demand for portable power stations. The design strikes a balance among a stylish look, portability, and optimal heat dissipation, making it a versatile choice for various outdoor scenarios including camping, parties, medical rescue, environmental monitoring, etc.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: ZEEKR Automobile Co., Ltd.
Image Credits: ZEEKR Automobile Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Shihao Qiu, Huinan Wu, Jiayi Liu, Hao Guo
Project Name: Zeekr
Project Client: ZEEKR Automobile Co., Ltd.

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