Movie Boxed: A Holistic Campaign that Immerses Audiences in the Boxed Experience

A Comprehensive Approach to Reinforce the Movie's Theme

Inspired by the concept of being boxed, the Movie Boxed campaign, designed by Shaoyang Chen, aims to bring an immersive experience to the audience at the premiere of the movie. Through various mediums, including posters, wristbands, and curated copywriting, the campaign seeks to reinforce the movie's theme and deepen the audience's understanding of the void state of being portrayed on the screen.

In this campaign, the goal is to provoke deeper reflection and introspection, ultimately inspiring positive change and rejecting superficial living. The campaign takes a holistic approach, using a variety of mediums to create a comprehensive experience that touches on all aspects of the viewer's senses.

Shaoyang Chen, the designer behind the campaign, explains, "All applications are reinforcement of the idea of being boxed. For the opening title, the main character rips off the film title. For the ending credits, to emphasize the box concept, most typography layouts are rigid box shapes, including punctuation marks. At the premiere night, the staff pass is tagged with the slogan 'we are boxed' as the punchline for the event. Waistbands that say 'boxed, aren't we' are distributed as the audience enters the screening room."

The campaign utilizes VFX for the title sequence and end credits, creating a visually stunning experience. The 27 x 40 inch poster captures the essence of the movie, while the motion graphics for the trailer and bus stop advertisement grab the attention of passersby. Each element of the campaign is carefully designed to serve the story and reinforce the box metaphor.

Shaoyang Chen explains the design choices, saying, "For the typeface choice, since the movie color plate is quite vintage and the plot is suffocating, I chose a condensed, thick, and historical typeface that fits the movie's story. Wristbands look similar to handcuffs, and from an architectural standpoint, the screening room is a box made of concrete. To leave a lasting impression on the audience, we also distribute wristbands that say 'boxed, aren't we' as they enter the screening room."

The Movie Boxed campaign faced the challenge of intriguing the audience without revealing the full story of the movie. By carefully selecting design elements that reflect the movie's theme and using various mediums to create an immersive experience, the campaign successfully captures the attention and curiosity of the audience.

The Boxed campaign was realized between August 2022 and November 1, 2022, in New York, NY. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Design in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes the campaign's outstanding and creatively ingenious design, which authentically captures the experience and resourcefulness of the movie. The campaign exhibits strong technical and creative skills, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Shaoyang Chen
Image Credits: Writer and Director / Alam Virk Executive Producer / Guljar Singh Produceder / JR Cardona First Associate Director / Sarab Sahni Second Associate Director / Vittoria Giacomini Script Supervisor / Vittoria Giacomini Production Designer / Ant Ma Production Design Assistants / Erica Zhang & Shuquing Zhang & Laila Matuk Director of Photography / Yuanhao Zhang First Assistant Camera / Ananyaa Dave Gaffer / Aman Tulsian Key Grip / Kgositielle Maleka Best Person / Justin Cambrelen Production Sound / Trevor Misplay & Daniel DeGeorges Coloris / Yuanhao Zhang & Sarab Sahni Editor / Sarab Sahni & Alam Virk Sound Synching / Reuben Rojak Sound FX/ Design Sound Mixing & Music / Marlon Fraser Make-up/Hair / Kelli Hauber
Project Team Members: Shaoyang Chen
Project Name: Movie Boxed
Project Client: Shaoyang Chen

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Movie Boxed IMG #5

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