Revolutionizing Sustainability: Creazione Sugo's TCLGreen

Award-Winning Art Installation Transforms Electronic Waste into a Sustainable Masterpiece

Creazione Sugo's TCLGreen, an innovative sustainable art installation, has been recognized with the prestigious Golden A' Circular Economy and Regenerative Design Award in 2023. The project, which is a testament to the power of upcycling, transforms discarded electronic waste into a visually stunning and environmentally friendly art installation.

Kevin Chu, the founder of Creazione Sugo, was inspired to create TCLGreen (also known as project Neoerba) during a moment of reflection in a grass field in Roseto deli Abruzzi, Italy. The abstracted digital geometry of individual blades of grass served as the starting point for this unique installation. The project was initiated when Warner Bros contacted Chu through TCL, a Chinese Consumer Electronics conglomerate, with the goal of recycling electronic waste into an artistic and environmentally friendly project.

The installation is made up of thousands of discarded Pcb Computer Circuit Boards, chosen for their green hue and translucency, which allows for an amazing transmission of light and coloration similar to plantations. The installation is hand made with an internal hollow steel structure and each circuit board is chosen randomly and gradually laminated over the structure organically without predefined patterns. Photovoltaic flood lights were integrated into each structure or totem for night-time illumination, utilizing renewable energy provided by the sun.

Adding to the installation's unique properties, it is finished off with a bioluminescent paint that glows in the dark through absorption of photons from both natural and artificial light sources. A specially formulated photocatalytic coating, used by Nasa space agency on its satellites, was applied onto each of the Grass Blade “Totems” which allows the entire installation to purify the atmosphere from Virus, Bacteria and Pollutants activated only with sunlight and moving air biomimicry from the process of photosynthesis.

Chu also created a special immersive Virtual Reality Artwork that allows Neoerba to enter the metaverse, offering an alternative dimension and meaning to the installation. The Virtual Reality Artwork reflects the dichotomy of past beliefs and the unknown conflict of future directions for humankind, in the context of mass production and the slow migration to a more sustainable mindset.

The project faced numerous challenges, including a tight timeline, the summer vacation period in Italy when nearly all suppliers and companies are closed, and logistical issues related to recycling a large number of computer boards. Despite these hurdles, the team was able to successfully complete the project and meet the event launch deadline of September 6th.

In conclusion, TCLGreen is a testament to the power of sustainable design and the potential of upcycling. The project demonstrates how art, technology, and sustainability can come together to create a visually stunning and environmentally friendly installation. The project is a shining example of the innovative and forward-thinking approach of Creazione Sugo, and a worthy recipient of the Golden A' Circular Economy and Regenerative Design Award.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Kevin Chu
Image Credits: Photography: Giovanni Albani Lattanzi Videography 1 Discovery Channel : Warner Bros Discovery Singapore and Greater China. Videography 2: SUGO
Project Team Members: Head of Design: Kevin Chu Contractor: Giovanni Desisto di METAL2000 Secondary Construction Unit: Pepe di Bonaventura, Alessandro Sonnino, Valerio Visciotti, Giovanni di Bonaventura, Giulia di Bonaventura, Giuseppe di Bonavnetura, Chiara di Bonaventura, Luigi Sontanelli, PCB Circuit Boards consultant: CMT Dynamica S.r.l
Project Name: TCLGreen
Project Client: Kevin Chu

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TCLGreen IMG #5

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