Insight: A Luminary Masterpiece by Alexey Danilin

Unveiling the Award-Winning Pendant Lamp with Endless Adjustment Possibilities

Alexey Danilin's 'Insight', a pendant lamp with a unique adjustment system, has been awarded the prestigious Silver A' Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award in 2023. This article delves into the design process, unique features, and the inspiration behind this innovative lighting solution.

Designed by Alexey Danilin, Insight is a pendant lamp that stands out for its contemporary design and endless adjustment possibilities. The name of the collection itself hints at the mysteries this luminaire hides. Its concise design is dictated not only by contemporary trends but also by its unique design features. The shape of the luminaire conceals an almost infinite range of adjustment possibilities, allowing the lighting to be set individually for the user.

The luminaire consists of a cylindrical metal base that houses the LED light source and features semi-circular elements. A unique adjustment system at the top allows the orientation of the light beam to be changed in the vertical direction. Using a cable and wire, the direction of light can also be adjusted horizontally when installing the luminaire. This suspension system allows the luminaire to be installed statically, a feat not possible if it were hanging from a single wire.

Special ceiling cups with magnetic fixings were developed for the luminaires to enhance the design's elegance. The collection is available in two colors: black with shagreen and matt gold, and black with shagreen and matt white. The design team, led by Alexey Danilin, included Nikita Morozov, Natalia Danilova, Elena Slivka, Karim Tabishchev, and Anastasia Orlova.

The design research focused on swivel mechanisms to create a concise unique mount with a modern design. The team studied other mechanisms and trends of modern forms in product design. The creative challenge was to combine the original ideas in the swivel mechanism with a proportionally laconic luminaire design.

The Insight Pendant Lamp was designed and developed in Moscow between November 2021 and August 2022. It was exhibited at Interlight Russia in September 2022. The design was awarded Silver in A' Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award in 2023. The award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation.

In conclusion, Alexey Danilin's Insight is a testament to the power of innovative design and technical expertise. It's not just a pendant lamp, but a luminary masterpiece that offers endless adjustment possibilities, allowing users to customize their lighting experience. Its award-winning design and unique features make it a standout addition to any space.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Alexey Danilin
Image Credits: Image #1: Maytoni brand photographer Vladislav Bukin 2022, Image #2: Maytoni brand photographer Vladislav Bukin 2022, Image #3: Maytoni brand photographer Vladislav Bukin 2022, Model designer Alexey Danilin, mage #4: Maytoni brand photographer Vladislav Bukin 2022, mage #5: Maytoni brand photographer Vladislav Bukin 2022.
Project Team Members: Lead designer: Alexey Danilin, Engineer: Nikita Morozov, Product managers: Natalia Danilova, Elena Slivka, Assistant product managers: Karim Tabishchev, Anastasia Orlova, Foto Vlad Buk
Project Name: Enigma
Project Client: Alexey Danilin

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Enigma IMG #5

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