Home of Art: A Sophisticated and Interactive Living Space

Creating a Refined and Flexible Residence

Inspired by the needs of a home-based media business, designer Wang Kuo-Chun has transformed a 350 square meter residence into a stunning and functional living space. With a focus on sophistication, flexibility, and interactive design, Home of Art offers a unique and textured experience for its inhabitants.

The layout of Home of Art is meticulously planned, with a balanced and neat arrangement. The client's preference for style is not limited, allowing the designer to explore various design elements and create a space that prioritizes livability, comfort, functionality, and a human touch. The shared living area is the heart of the home, designed to be interactive and flexible.

To avoid visual fatigue and spatial oppression, the design incorporates color distinction, painting, variation of materials, line and geometric pattern composition, and other complex techniques. These techniques shape and integrate multiple surfaces, creating a visually stimulating environment. Notable features include a large double-layer wooden storage cabinet with lattice lines in the entrance hall, a partial glass partition in the study room and piano room, a TV that doubles as a magnetic message board, and a pink, blue, and red cloud wall in one of the children's rooms.

The entrance area sets the tone for the entire residence, with double-layered storage cabinets and a virtual moon and clouds on both sides. The sophisticated craftsmanship of the flooring, with three-dimensional tiles and marble edges, adds to the welcoming ambiance. The shared living area is paved with polished tiles, except for the lounge area near the window, which is in line with the TV wall. The functionality and purposes of each space are divided by the height of the circular wood flooring, maximizing natural light and visual flow.

Home of Art was completed in 2022 in Tainan City, Taiwan. The design project presented several challenges, including the creation of a large food cabinet in the dining room with a symmetrical and varied rounded shape. The cabinet's exterior features a concave and chiseled design, representing the two chapters Qian Gua and Yu Gua in the Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese divination text. The TV wall in the living room is seamlessly integrated into the lower edge of the cabinet, with the depth of the couch behind the wall designed to accommodate the seating needs of the family members.

Home of Art is a testament to Wang Kuo-Chun's creativity and attention to detail. This interior design planning project showcases a refined and flexible living space that combines art, functionality, and innovation. Its unique features and interactive design make it a standout residence, providing its inhabitants with a truly exceptional lifestyle experience.

Image Credits: Tseng Hsiang-Tse

Awards and Accolades: Home of Art was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes designs that exhibit outstanding creativity, resourcefulness, and technical skills. Home of Art's incorporation of best practices in art, science, design, and technology contributes to improving the quality of life, making it a truly remarkable design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wang Kuo-Chun
Image Credits: Tseng Hsiang-Tse
Project Team Members: Wang Kuo-Chun
Project Name: Home of Art
Project Client: Wang Kuo-Chun

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Home of Art IMG #5

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