Mission Sleep Fitness: A Galactic Recap Campaign

Eight Sleep's Year in Sleep 2022

Eight Sleep, the world's first sleep fitness company, has launched their Year in Sleep 2022: Mission Sleep Fitness. This unique recap campaign allows members to delve into their sleep data for the year in a galactic design, providing an interactive journey and a personalized avatar based on their sleep metrics.

Eight Sleep's Mission Sleep Fitness is a spin on the traditional yearly recap campaign. It offers users a captivating in-app experience, presenting their sleep data in an animated format reminiscent of an Instagram story. The design takes inspiration from space, highlighting the futuristic approach to sleep that Eight Sleep is pioneering.

The strength of this design lies in its ability to contextualize sleep and health data in a fun and engaging way, while remaining true to the scientific aspects. The designers worked closely with the Eight Sleep data team to gather the most interesting facts about a person's sleep throughout the year. This collaboration required coordination with a group of engineers to integrate the functionality of reviewing individual metrics directly through the Eight Sleep app.

Using React, JavaScript, and SVG animation, the in-app experience immerses users in a galactic journey through their sleep data. Additionally, Maya was utilized to create unique avatars for each individual based on their health and sleep metrics. This combination of technology and design brings the Year in Sleep 2022: Mission Sleep Fitness to life.

The Mission Sleep Fitness campaign was a creative and technical challenge for the designers. They successfully balanced the need for scientific accuracy with a visually appealing and easily understandable presentation. The result is a recap campaign that not only informs users about their sleep patterns but also entertains and engages them.

The design project for Mission Sleep Fitness commenced in October 2022 and concluded in December 2022. Throughout this timeframe, the design team, led by Jisoo Sim, collaborated with Ryan Groffie, Sabina Blankenberg, Frances Arnautou, Benjamin Doyle, Nick Xitco, and Maria Salgado to bring the concept to life.

Eight Sleep's Year in Sleep 2022: Mission Sleep Fitness has garnered recognition for its innovative approach. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Design category in 2023. This accolade acknowledges the design's outstanding creativity and resourcefulness, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology. The campaign contributes to improving the quality of life by revolutionizing the way we understand and engage with sleep.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Jisoo Sim
Image Credits: Jisoo Sim
Project Team Members: Ryan Groffie Sabina Blankenberg Frances Arnautou Benjamin Doyle Nick Xitco Maria Salgado
Project Name: Mission Sleep Fitness
Project Client: Jisoo Sim

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Mission Sleep Fitness IMG #5

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