Between Wall and Landscape: A Unique Residence Design by Chien Ting Tung

Blending Tradition and Modernity

Borrowed scenery is the principle of incorporating background landscape into the composition of a garden found in traditional East Asian garden design. It helps facilitate a greater connection between your home and the surrounding views. This is an interior design project for a residence.

In the world of interior design, Chien Ting Tung stands out with their innovative approach to creating spaces that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity. Their latest project, "Between Wall and Landscape," is a testament to their unique vision and expertise. This residence design embraces the concept of borrowed scenery, creating a harmonious relationship between the interior and the surrounding landscape.

What sets this design apart is the careful consideration given to the homeowner's daily routines and habits. Chien Ting Tung not only configured the three-bedroom layout but also added a multimedia room, a reading space, a wine tasting area, a space for displaying the homeowner's collection, and a place to entertain guests. This thoughtful approach ensures that the residence caters to various living styles and needs.

Using their exquisite planning and organizational skills, Chien Ting Tung has allocated each space in a way that forms a unique relationship between distinct living areas. As one enters the house, they will notice that each space embraces a different style and look, creating an enjoyable, beautiful, and comfortable environment. The clever use of light wood veneer, metallic glass, and titanium-plated metal walls defines each area through similar color configurations and material textures while retaining distinct spatial and visual distinction.

The living room, decorated with a warm color scheme, creates an elegant and enjoyable spatial presentation. In contrast, the dining area showcases metal and marble patterns, demonstrating light and elegant texture. The carefully curated paintings and TV walls in the living room, along with the metal lighting and stone walls in the dining room, create a spatial dialogue and harmonize all the elements in the space.

One of the design's standout features is the stone table placed as a bar table, providing a space for wine tasting or reading. Additionally, the titanium-plated antique brass wall extends inward, revealing a hidden collection room. Moving into the bedrooms, Chien Ting Tung uses lines to handle different materials, from wood lattice-work walls to bandage bedside walls to Venetian blinds, adding a sense of visual layering.

The "Between Wall and Landscape" project, completed in November 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan, showcases Chien Ting Tung's ability to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and tailored to the homeowner's needs. This unique residence design has received recognition for its excellence, winning the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that exhibit strong technical and creative skills, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

Chien Ting Tung's "Between Wall and Landscape" is a testament to their dedication to creating spaces that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity. Through their meticulous attention to detail and innovative design choices, they have crafted a residence that not only embraces borrowed scenery but also provides a harmonious and inspiring living environment.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Chien Ting Tung
Image Credits: Tung Chien Ting, 2022
Project Team Members: Chien Ting Tung
Project Name: Between Wall and Landscape
Project Client: Chien Ting Tung

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Between Wall and Landscape IMG #5

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