Cream Stool: A Playful and Functional Design for Children

A Fusion of Furniture and Toys by Shimoyama Shanghai DIY Home Co., Ltd.

The Cream Stool by Shimoyama Shanghai DIY Home Co., Ltd. reimagines the traditional stool design, combining functionality with playful elements. With its unique features and innovative design, this stool offers a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

The Cream Stool stands out from conventional stools with its legs positioned on the straight edges of the seat, seamlessly blending with the seat's natural curves. This design not only enhances stability but also creates a visual appeal that resembles a toy rather than a piece of furniture. It serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a stool and a ladder for children to reach high-placed toys. When turned over, it transforms into a toy box, adding an element of versatility to its functionality.

Aside from its practical functions, the Cream Stool also provides a sense of companionship for children. It can be transformed into a fortress or a toy bear's home, stimulating imaginative play and fostering creativity.

One of the key strengths of the Cream Stool lies in its wide legs, which increase stability and capacity. The extended and curved legs are designed to resemble a big toy, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for children.

The Cream Stool is crafted using injection molding technology, resulting in a smooth and seamless appearance. Its compact size and integrated design make it resemble a toy, appealing to children's sense of cuteness and familiarity.

With dimensions of 297mm in width, 274mm in depth, and 250mm in height, the Cream Stool offers a comfortable seat width of 185mm, ensuring a supportive and ergonomic sitting experience for children.

The Cream Stool's wide, flat legs are easy for children to hold and move around. When flipped over, it becomes a toy box with the legs serving as the sides. The fully curved shape minimizes the risk of injury, providing a safe environment for children to play. Its triangular shape allows for easy stacking and storage, making it convenient to conceal in a corner when not in use.

The Cream Stool project was initiated in March 2021 in Shanghai, China, and completed in August 2022. It is currently in production, bringing the innovative design to families worldwide.

Designed with simplicity and streamlined aesthetics in mind, the Cream Stool is affordable and accessible to every family. Its straightforward production process and materials without excessive decoration contribute to its convenience in terms of transportation, storage, and affordability.

The Cream Stool has been recognized for its outstanding design and creativity, receiving the Bronze A' Design Award in the Baby, Kids, and Children's Products Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate resourcefulness and contribute to improving the quality of life. The Cream Stool's incorporation of art, science, design, and technology showcases the designer's technical and creative skills, making it a valuable addition to any child's space.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: SHIMOYAMA Shanghai DIY Home Co., Ltd.
Image Credits: SHIMOYAMA Shanghai DIY Home Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Uri Yang
Project Name: Cream
Project Client: SHIMOYAMA Shanghai DIY Home Co., Ltd.

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