Revolutionizing Coffee Packaging: Luckin 2.0

Tiger Pan's Award-Winning Design Inspired by Coffee Origins

Introducing Luckin 2.0, a unique drip coffee packaging design that brings the origins of coffee to life. This innovative design, created by Tiger Pan, has been awarded Silver in the A' Packaging Design Award in 2023.

Tiger Pan's inspiration for the Luckin 2.0 series came from the diverse origins of coffee beans. The packaging illustrates the unique landscapes of Africa, Yun Nan China, and other coffee-producing regions, complete with local flora and fauna. This approach not only educates consumers about the origins of their coffee but also fosters an eco-friendly image.

The Luckin 2.0 series stands out for its vibrant color schemes, carefully chosen to highlight the products on display shelves. This design strategy caters to the young consumers who prefer direct and professional layouts over flashy slogans. The result is a packaging design that is both eye-catching and youthful.

Realizing this design involved a four-color printing process, logo hot stamping of matte black, and matte silver labels. The packaging dimensions are 75mm in width, 110mm in length, and 125mm in height. The design project, which took two months to complete, was carried out in Shenzhen.

The design team, led by Tiger Pan, also included Xuedan Xia, Zhiyi Jiang, Zhangkun Xie, Miaorong Lu, Ping Yi, and Lei Peng. Their collective effort resulted in a packaging design that not only visually distinguishes the different coffee varieties but also enhances the overall product experience.

One of the challenges the design team faced was to strengthen the visual personality of the hanging ear coffee series while retaining basic visual rules. They also had to focus on the product characteristics of online consumption channels. The solution was a packaging design that combines strong visual expression with a sense of rhythm and personality.

In conclusion, the Luckin 2.0 series by Tiger Pan is a testament to the power of design in enhancing product appeal and consumer experience. It's a perfect blend of form and function, creativity and practicality, and a deserving winner of the Silver A' Packaging Design Award.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: TIGER PAN
Image Credits: Tiger Pan
Project Team Members: Chief Designer: Tiger Pan Assistant Designer: Xuedan Xia Assistant Designer: Zhiyi Jiang Technical Support: Zhangkun Xie Technical Support: Miaorong Lu illustrator: Ping Yi Project Manager: Lei Peng
Project Name: Luckin 2.0
Project Client: TIGER PAN

Luckin 2.0 IMG #2
Luckin 2.0 IMG #3
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Luckin 2.0 IMG #5
Luckin 2.0 IMG #5

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