Lens Series: Blending Art and Function in Furniture Design

Unveiling the Imperceptible Beauty of Life

Primarily inspired by convex lens, the Lens Series by Eva Liu is a stunning collection of furniture that aims to capture the imperceptible beauty of life. With full-bodied forms and metallic materials, these pieces reflect their surroundings like lenses, drawing attention to the art and design in everyday life.

The Lens Furniture Series is a unique and innovative concept that divides light and shadow using two complementary colored acrylics. The thickness and angle of the materials are carefully designed to recreate the visual effect of light and shadow produced by a lens. This collection, which combines inlaid acrylic and metal, offers flexible furniture combinations that bring artistic pleasure to home life.

The craftsmanship behind the Lens Series is truly remarkable. The metal parts are made of 304 metal forged fingerprint-resistant metal, ensuring both aesthetic curvature and structural stability. Each curved surface is meticulously polished by hand, resulting in a flawless finish. The PMMA materials undergo a gradient color PMMA spraying process, creating a stunning visual transition of colors with the incident light.

One of the key challenges in the design process was finding the balance between art aesthetics and structural stability. The initial choice of tinted metal and colored PMMA glass had to be reconsidered to prioritize the comfort and stability of the furniture. The final design successfully merges artistic expression with functional design, resulting in a collection that is both visually striking and practical.

The Lens Series offers a range of furniture pieces, including a screen, floor lamp, table lamp, vase, armchair, coffee table, side table, bench, and chair. Each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance the overall aesthetic of any space. Whether used individually or as a set, the Lens Series brings a touch of modern elegance to any home.

The Lens Series made its debut at the West Bund Art & Design exhibition in November 2021 and was later showcased at the Design Shenzhen Fair in February 2023. The collection received the Bronze A' Design Award in the Furniture Design category, recognizing its outstanding creativity and ingenious design that seamlessly blends art, science, and technology.

Eva Liu and her team at MOOOMA have successfully created a collection that not only elevates the concept of furniture design but also invites individuals to appreciate the beauty and artistry in their everyday lives. The Lens Series is a testament to the power of design to transform our living spaces and enhance our overall well-being.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Eva Liu - MOOOMA
Image Credits: Eva Liu - MOOOMA
Project Team Members: Liu Eva MOOOMA
Project Name: Lens Series
Project Client: Eva Liu - MOOOMA

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Lens Series IMG #5

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