Knotted: A Sustainable Bench that Connects Generations

A Ribbon of Unity

Inspired by the need for intergenerational connection and sustainability, designer Minju Kang presents Knotted, a unique bench that serves as both public and recycled furniture. Through its innovative design and use of discarded materials, Knotted embodies the values of diversity and coexistence.

The Knotted bench is a manifestation of the designer's vision for a society that embraces diversity and bridges the gap between generations. By utilizing waste wire ELP conduit, cable ties, and stainless steel pipes, Kang has created a bench that not only functions as a seating solution but also serves as a symbol of unity.

The bench's form, resembling a tied ribbon, represents the interconnectedness of life. Each component of the bench is held together by cable ties, ensuring a structurally sound and stable piece of furniture. The use of wire ELP conduit and stainless steel pipes adds to its durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Measuring at 2460mm x 630mm x 500mm, the Knotted bench invites various postures and encourages interaction among users. Its unique shape and design create a sense of curiosity and intrigue, making it a focal point in any environment.

During the design process, Kang faced several challenges, including the need to bend and tie the pipes without causing wrinkles or deformations. Additionally, ensuring that the cable ties were securely fastened was crucial to maintaining the bench's structural integrity. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Kang overcame these obstacles, resulting in a clean and visually appealing final product.

The Knotted bench was conceptualized and brought to life in Gongju city, Korea, starting in March 2022 and completed in December 2022. It represents a culmination of research into generational conflict and the importance of fostering connections between different age groups. By providing a space for individuals to sit together on a bench created from a single string, Knotted encourages communication and integration.

Recognizing its exceptional design and contribution to quality of life improvements, Knotted was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Fine Arts and Art Installation Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade acknowledges the bench's innovative approach to art, science, design, and technology, solidifying its position as a symbol of generational coexistence.

With Knotted, Minju Kang envisions a society that celebrates diversity and embraces the differences between generations. This sustainable bench serves as a reminder that when everyone is connected, life becomes more sustainable and fulfilling.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: MINJU KANG
Image Credits: Minju Kang, 2022
Project Team Members: Minju Kang, Jieun Park, Haneul Han
Project Name: Knotted
Project Client: MINJU KANG

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Knotted  IMG #5

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