Shield Light: A Multifunctional Floodlight Inspired by European Medieval Shields

Combining Design and Functionality for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

The Shield Light, designed by Wisetech, draws inspiration from the European medieval shield, symbolizing guardianship and strength. This unique floodlight not only provides a bright light source for improved work efficiency but also offers a sense of security to users.

The Shield Light stands out as a multifunctional floodlight that combines the elements of a shield with practical lighting features. Its design aims to evoke a feeling of protection and strength, making it more than just a regular work light. The light-weight aluminum housing ensures durability and corrosion resistance while still being easy to carry.

One of the notable features of the Shield Light is its versatility in power sources. It can be used with various power batteries, such as BOSCH, by simply using an adaptor. This allows for long working hours without the need for frequent recharging, making it ideal for outdoor work or emergencies.

The Shield Light is crafted using aluminum, a material known for its low density and light weight. This choice of material not only makes the floodlight easy to carry but also enables quick switching between different work scenes. Additionally, the rough leather patterned surface of the carrying handle provides an ergonomic grip with non-slip and anti-rotation features.

The battery compartment cover of the Shield Light is made of translucent frosted plastic, allowing users to easily monitor the status of the batteries. This thoughtful design element ensures a convenient battery replacement process, eliminating any guesswork or inconvenience.

Measuring at a width of 239mm, depth of 177mm, and height of 257mm, the Shield Light is compact yet powerful. Its classic medieval European appearance adds a touch of elegance to any work environment, making it a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your toolkit.

Before using the Shield Light, simply remove the shield 18V tool battery light and insert the branded battery adapter and batteries into the battery compartment. The floodlight features an on/off button and two brightness adjustment buttons, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their needs. The adjustable pivot ensures the light can be directed at the desired angle for optimal illumination.

The Shield Light project started in Xiamen in February 2022 and concluded in June 2022. It was exhibited at the Hardware & Tools Show in Cologne and the Light & Building Show in Frankfurt in September 2022, showcasing its innovative design and functionality to a global audience.

Wisetech's design team delved into European history to break away from the traditional work light format. By combining the cultural significance of the shield element with the practicality of a work light, they created a unique product tailored to the European market.

The Shield Light has received recognition for its outstanding design and functionality. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Lighting Products and Fixtures Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade honors designs that exhibit creativity, resourcefulness, and technical excellence, contributing to improvements in quality of life.

With its innovative design, practical features, and cultural inspiration, the Shield Light by Wisetech is a testament to the fusion of art, architecture, design, innovation, and technology in the realm of lifestyle products.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xinyi Wu
Image Credits: Image#3:Creator Xinyi Wu,Shield light,2023.Image#4:Photographer Li Liu,Shield light,2022
Project Team Members: Creative director:Yi Guo Creative director:Minxin Ke Designer:Wengui Wu Designer:Xinyi Wu
Project Name: Shield Light
Project Client: Xinyi Wu

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