Mood Tree: A Unique Desktop Memo Holder

Express Your Emotions with Elegance

Imagine expressing your daily moods with a simple piece of paper on a tree!

Introducing Mood Tree, a one-of-a-kind memo holder designed by Sameh Ibrahim Emam. This innovative desktop accessory allows you to communicate your feelings and emotions in an elegant and subtle way, restoring balance between your inner thoughts and outward reactions.

Inspired by Japanese traditions, where displaying intense emotions is often avoided, Mood Tree aims to create a harmonious and peaceful environment, especially in formal settings like the workplace or school. The Bonsai tree, symbolizing order of thoughts and balance, serves as the inspiration behind this unique design.

What sets Mood Tree apart is its distinctive memo design. Each memo paper features two different colors: rose at the top representing happiness, and yellow at the bottom representing sadness. When you write down your thoughts on a memo, you can hang it on the face of the tree that reflects your current mood. Alternatively, you can flip an old memo to express your present emotions. This memo holder can accommodate up to forty memos, making it suitable for personal use or for a group of up to seven individuals.

Mood Tree is brought to life using 3D printer technology. The tree-shaped holder is printed in two halves using WoodPLAy Wood Fill PLA filament, which looks, smells, and feels like real wood. Gravimetrically filled with up to 40% ground wood particles, this material is not only biodegradable but also adds an authentic touch to the design. The memo pad and lower stand are also printed using the same specifications and material.

With Mood Tree on your desk, you can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere reminiscent of Japanese culture. By observing the color of your memo, others can understand your mood without the need for direct communication, leading to a more empathetic and understanding environment.

The Mood Tree project was initiated in July 2022 in Japan as part of a larger endeavor to design desktop products that address social issues and promote acceptance of change and diversity. After months of research and development, the concept was finalized in September 2022, followed by 3D printing and testing from October to December 2022.

This exceptional design has received recognition in the form of the Iron A' Design Award in the Art and Stationery Supplies category in 2023. The award acknowledges Mood Tree's well-designed, practical, and innovative nature, meeting professional and industrial requirements. By integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, Mood Tree contributes to a better world by providing fulfillment and positive feelings.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Sameh Ibrahim Emam
Image Credits: Sameh Ibrahim Emam
Project Team Members: Sameh Ibrahim Emam
Project Name: Mood Tree
Project Client: Sameh Ibrahim Emam

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Mood Tree IMG #5

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