Soar: A Sculpture Installation by Jung-Mei Wou

Unleashing the Spirit of Freedom

Everyone has a healing soul Garden of Eden in their heart. This sculpture attempts to evoke the code of freedom in the human spirit by depicting the instantaneous soaring of the bird, the sense of speed in flight, and the constant change.

This sculpture, aptly named "Soar," is a captivating and unique creation by designer Jung-Mei Wou. It falls under the category of sculpture installation, but it goes beyond traditional art forms to capture the essence of freedom and the sensory experience of a garden.

What sets "Soar" apart from other sculptures is its ability to recreate the dynamic form of flying birds. The sculpture embodies the sense of speed in flight and the unpredictable changes that occur from different perspectives. It challenges the lightness and graceful curvature of metal sculpture, resulting in a truly remarkable piece of art.

Made of forged stainless steel, "Soar" is a testament to the designer's craftsmanship and attention to detail. The sculpture's structure consists of a grid-shaped stainless steel skeleton, while the surface is made of stainless steel thin plates that are split forged, knocked, and welded together. This meticulous process not only ensures the sculpture's lightweight nature but also allows it to maintain stability under its own weight.

Measuring 1280mmx1650mmx1680mm, "Soar" is a commanding presence that demands attention. Its mirror-polished surface reflects the surrounding sky, creating a floating and ethereal visual effect. This intentional design choice invites viewers to explore the sculpture from all angles and distances, revealing the intricate curves and lines that reshape the momentum and stability of flight.

The prototype of "Soar" was exhibited at the Taipei World Trade Center Art Fair in April 2016, and the large-scale sculpture was completed in 2022. Throughout the design process, the designer conducted extensive research on wind load influences and aerodynamic shape optimization. These efforts ensured that the sculpture not only achieved its desired aesthetic but also minimized wind resistance.

"Soar" has garnered recognition for its exceptional design. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Fine Arts and Art Installation Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade is a testament to the sculpture's well-designed, practical, and innovative qualities that meet professional and industrial requirements.

With "Soar," Jung-Mei Wou has created a masterpiece that transcends traditional sculpture. It captures the essence of freedom, evokes a sense of wonder, and invites viewers to embark on a journey into the garden of their own souls.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Jung-Mei Wou
Image Credits: Copyrights belong to Jung-mei Wou
Project Team Members: Jung-Mei Wou
Project Name: Soar
Project Client: Jung-Mei Wou

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