Future Deja Vu: A Pet-Friendly Residential Design

Creating a Harmonious Living Space for Humans and Cats

In response to a family dynamic that involves multiple cats, the Future Deja Vu design by Shih Chieh Kao incorporates features that cater to both human and feline residents. By taking into consideration the needs and perspectives of cats, this residential design creates a vibrant and pet-friendly environment.

The Future Deja Vu design stands out with its unique approach to integrating the lifestyles of humans and cats. The design implants two separate but intersecting cosmic views in a single-story residence for a young couple and their four cats. By combining the design with peepholes and door panels, a balance is achieved between the owners' care and observation and the cats' need for privacy. The cats also enjoy their exclusive passageways that traverse between public and private areas in the house.

Utilizing an open layout in the public area, the design takes into consideration the activities and habits of the four cats. Exclusive traffic flows and private areas are created by integrating the TV cabinet and corridor storage, resulting in a life intersection that is both separate and linked. Soft and gentle curves guide the flow of movement at the entrance, while the slanted design of the ceiling directs the line of sight to the outdoor landscape. The private area of the residence includes a study and dressing room, with a reserved passageway for the cats to move freely between spaces.

The design of Future Deja Vu is characterized by its use of pure color tones, such as light gray and white, to create a comfortable base. A sweet rosy pink adds a lively visual impression. Flowing arcs run between the cabinets, blending seamlessly into the daily lives of the residents. Three-dimensional tunnels and a cat house in the bright and open living area support the cats' needs for traversing, walking, perching, and playing. Peepholes provide surprises and fun for exploration, while diatomite walls leave cat footprints, adding an emotional connection to the space.

Breaking away from conventional pet designs that are often unconnected and enclosed, Future Deja Vu allows the daily lives of cats to become the heart and soul of the space. With an independent traffic flow for cats and a resting area, as well as an open, shared living space, this design achieves pet-friendliness and empowerment. It gives the cats full freedom of use and respects their habits and privacy.

The Future Deja Vu project was completed in Taiwan between July and September 2022. Through extensive research and careful consideration of the needs of both humans and cats, this design successfully bridges the gap between different lifestyles. It addresses challenges such as integrating privacy and independence with an open mindset, as well as achieving appropriate storage distribution. The result is a harmonious living space that caters to the unique needs of both humans and their feline companions.

This exceptional design has been recognized for its creativity and ingenuity, receiving the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that exhibit strong technical and creative skills while contributing to improvements in quality of life. The Future Deja Vu design truly embodies the spirit of art, science, design, and technology, making it a deserving recipient of this accolade.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: KAO SHIH CHIEH
Image Credits: KAO SHIH CHIEH
Project Team Members: KAO SHIH CHIEH
Project Name: Cat House
Project Client: KAO SHIH CHIEH

Cat House IMG #2
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Cat House IMG #5

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