Waon: A Modern Lighting Fixture Incorporating Japanese Paper

Bringing the Beauty of Mino Washi to Interior Spaces

Modern lighting fixtures using Mino washi paper, a material unique to Japan.

Japanese designer Misaki Kiyuna has created a stunning lighting fixture that seamlessly incorporates the beauty of Japanese paper into interior spaces. Named Waon, this design draws inspiration from the traditional craft of making washi paper and transforms it into a contemporary work of art.

Washi paper, known for its delicate texture and unique properties, has been a cherished material in Japan for centuries. Kiyuna was captivated by the sound the paper makes when its fibers are pulled out of the water and shaken to even out. This auditory experience led to the creation of Waon, whose pleated shape evokes a musical scale, while the twisted curve expresses the tone.

What sets Waon apart is its innovative design and attention to detail. Kiyuna aimed to create a lighting fixture that captures the essence of Japanese paper-making, where fibers are intertwined through vertical and horizontal shaking. The result is a form that moves dynamically in all directions, paying homage to the craftsmanship of the paper artisans.

The design realization of Waon involved the use of an acrylic plate to fix the thin Japanese paper, eliminating the need for a visible frame. This technique gives the illusion that the paper is floating, adding an ethereal quality to the lighting fixture. The distance between the paper and the wall also serves as a heat dissipation space for the light bulbs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

With dimensions of 1900mm in width, 290mm in depth, and 660mm in height, Waon makes a bold statement in any space. Its presence is further enhanced by the soft indirect light that filters through the textured surface of the Japanese paper, creating a soothing ambiance.

Waon is not just a lighting fixture; it is a work of art that can transform any interior. Its versatility allows for different expressions depending on the vertical position, front and back angle, and left and right opening. By using Japanese paper as a canvas and incorporating the hands of a calligrapher and a painter, Waon becomes a unique picture that adds character and charm to any room.

Designed in Okinawa in 2022, Waon represents the culmination of Kiyuna's research into forms that create empathy and stimulate people's sensibilities. By giving form to invisible sounds and sensations, Kiyuna aims to deeply appeal to the sensibilities of individuals, much like a sculpture.

Recognizing its exceptional design, Waon was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Lighting Products and Fixtures Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. Waon's integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics contribute to a better world, providing fulfillment and positive feelings to those who experience it.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Misaki Kiyuna
Image Credits: [Image # 1: Misaki Kiyuna, Waon, 2022][Image # 2: Misaki Kiyuna, Waon, 2022][Image # 3: Misaki Kiyuna, Waon, 2022][Image # 4: Misaki Kiyuna, Waon, 2022][Image # 5: Misaki Kiyuna, Waon, 2022]
Project Team Members: Misaki Kiyuna
Project Name: Waon
Project Client: Misaki Kiyuna

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