Blending Nature and Contemporary Architecture: Sile Equestrian Center

Mimark Mimarlık's Award-Winning Design Harmonizes Functionality and Aesthetics

Inspired by nature, Mimark Mimarlık's Sile Equestrian Center is a testament to the harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and natural elements. The project, which won the Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, is a unique equestrian facility designed with the health and wellbeing of horses in mind.

The Sile Equestrian Center, located in Istanbul, is a modern architectural marvel that seamlessly integrates with its forest surroundings. The design team, led by architects Kaan Kutsal Alkan and Buket Kabakci, drew inspiration from the natural environment, using wood, glass, and stone as primary elements in the design. The structures were built to face the forest, connected by a stone path, and positioned according to the wind direction for the health of the horses.

What sets the Sile Equestrian Center apart is its contemporary design and thoughtful layout. The facility includes an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, a semi-open arena, an L-shaped stable block, houses and cafeteria for horsekeepers, and a vet clinic. The massive eaves of the indoor arena and the stables provide semi-open spaces for people, while the L-shaped stables face each other, creating a courtyard where the horse lunging arenas and the paddocks are located. This layout allows horses to lunge and stay in the paddocks and stables without leaving the stable block.

The design realization technology used in the project further enhances its unique properties. Natural stone and wooden planks were used on the facade, while large glasses and transparent roof panels were preferred to maximize daylight. Skylights were also used for natural ventilation in the stables and indoor arena, demonstrating the designers' commitment to creating a healthy environment for the horses.

The project posed several challenges, primarily balancing the different desires and demands of the horses, riders, and customers. However, the design team, who are also licensed show jumpers, leveraged their personal experiences and architectural knowledge to create a design solution that met all these demands without conflict. Their research included reading numerous articles about flooring systems in equestrian architecture, written by German authors.

The Sile Equestrian Center is not just a functional facility; it's also a space that provides a pleasant experience for its visitors. The specially designed entrance of the indoor area, the extended eaves and wooden column claddings in the stables, the clubhouse, and its terrace with a stream view all contribute to creating an inviting and enjoyable environment. The project's success is evident in its Silver A' Design Award, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Mimark Mimarlık
Image Credits: Mimark Mimarlık
Project Team Members: Architect: Kaan Kutsal Alkan Architect: Buket Kabakci
Project Name: Sile Binicilik Tesisi
Project Client: Mimark Mimarlık

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Sile Binicilik Tesisi IMG #3
Sile Binicilik Tesisi IMG #4
Sile Binicilik Tesisi IMG #5
Sile Binicilik Tesisi IMG #5

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