Yangdongsheng Xiang's "Observing": A Philosophical Jewelry Collection

Expressing the Human Cognitive World through Layered Gold and Diamond Designs

Yangdongsheng Xiang's award-winning jewelry collection, "Observing," draws inspiration from the Chinese term 'sea of consciousness,' symbolizing human cognition. This unique collection explores the communication between individuals, society, and the environment, represented through layered round-like outlines and subtly folded surface changes. The combination of K gold, diamonds, and crystals creates a rich and colorful picture, reflecting the modeling ability and superb craftsmanship.

The "Observing" collection is a unique interpretation of the human cognitive world, represented through the layers of water ripples. The layered round-like outlines and subtly folded surface changes express the layers of water ripples in the cognitive world. The nesting pattern of concentric circles exudes the beauty of continuous expansion and collapse, reflecting reassuring comfort. The combination of K gold, diamonds, and crystals creates a rich and colorful picture, presenting a contrast of textures one after another.

Yangdongsheng Xiang's collection is handmade gold jewelry, using a dual-material process of sandblasting and polishing. The pieces are set with natural diamonds, adding a luxurious touch to the collection. The technical specifications of the pieces vary, with the pendant measuring 30mm(L)*22.5mm(W)*7.5mm(D), the brooch 50mm(L)*36mm(W)*10mm(D), and the earrings 14mm(L)*11mm(W)*3mm(D).

Not only visually stunning, but the collection also offers a unique interaction for the wearer. The design presents a dynamic shape with fluid silhouettes and carefully crafted cutouts. The sandblasted texture of the inner wall and the polished edge form a beautiful contrast, deepening the feeling of space. The ingenious use of materials makes the light and shadow effects richer and more shocking, allowing the wearer to feel a unique temperament.

The "Observing" collection started in Shanghai in August 2022 and was completed in Shenzhen in January 2023. The designer spent a significant amount of time researching the shape of water waves and drawing wave models. The aim was to create an aesthetic feeling that echoes the cognitive world when worn, reflecting the designer's desire to express the connotation of oriental culture and philosophy.

Despite the challenges faced during the design process, such as the embodiment of image design and double-textured craftsmanship and the distribution of connection structures, the "Observing" collection was a success. It was awarded Silver in A' Jewelry, Eyewear, and Watch Design Award in 2023, a testament to the collection's creativity, technical excellence, and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: yangdongsheng Xiang
Image Credits: Images #1~5: Rendering: Yangdongsheng Xiang/ Photoshop: Jiancheng Tian
Project Team Members: yangdongsheng Xiang
Project Name: Observing
Project Client: yangdongsheng Xiang

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Observing IMG #5

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