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The Stranger Things fan base is a devoted one with a global following, and they will happily immerse themselves in all things 'Upside Down.' Knowing this, Lay's collaborated with Netflix to create limited edition packaging that would create excitement and build awareness for the much-anticipated launch of season 4. The Design Team turned traditional packaging design principles on their head to deliver a buzz-worthy and collectible Lay's x Stranger Things design to delight the show's fans.

In a departure from the usual bright yellow the brand is known for, Lay's x Stranger Things touts a dramatic black substrate with radiating red concentric circles emanating from the Lay's logo. The infamous force of evil that is the Demorgon is depicted with jaws open and creepy claws appear to clutch the pack. Taking the show's concept of 'Upside Down' quite literally, the Stranger Things logo appears upended at the bottom of the pack. Flavor cues are also present on pack as the team included a flaming chili pepper and Lay's chip to indicate the Flamin' Hot flavor.

The Lay's x Stranger Things packaging design is truly unique and captures the essence of the show's dark and mysterious world. By incorporating elements such as the inverted logo and the Demogorgon imagery, the design immediately grabs the attention of fans and creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. The use of the black substrate and red concentric circles adds a touch of drama and intrigue, further enhancing the overall visual impact of the packaging.

Not only does the Lay's x Stranger Things packaging design appeal to fans of the show, but it also serves as a collectible item that adds value to the overall brand experience. By creating limited edition packaging, Lay's has successfully tapped into the passion and loyalty of Stranger Things fans, offering them a unique and exclusive product that they can proudly display or collect.

The collaboration between Lay's and Stranger Things demonstrates the power of design in creating a connection between a brand and its audience. By thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of traditional packaging design, Lay's has successfully created a design that not only captures the essence of the show but also generates excitement and engagement among fans. The Lay's x Stranger Things packaging design is a testament to the innovative and creative capabilities of PepsiCo Design and Innovation.

This Design was awarded Bronze in A' Limited Edition and Custom Design Award in 2023. The Bronze A' Design Award is bestowed upon outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness. Esteemed for incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology, they exhibit strong technical and creative skills and contribute to quality of life improvements, making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Image Credits: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Project Team Members: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Project Name: Lay's x Stranger Things
Project Client: PepsiCo Design & Innovation

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Lay's x Stranger Things IMG #5

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