Shadows Of The Sky: A Fusion of Art and Function

Zsolt Szalai's Award-Winning Corten Steel Flower Troughs

Discover the unique blend of art and functionality in Zsolt Szalai's 'Shadows Of The Sky', an award-winning design of flower troughs that are as much sculptures as they are plant containers. Crafted from Corten steel, these creations are a testament to the beauty of change and transience.

Zsolt Szalai, a renowned designer, has redefined the concept of flower troughs with his project 'Shadows Of The Sky'. Drawing inspiration from figurative sculptures, Szalai has simplified these forms to create a harmonious blend of art and utility. The warm color and unique shape language of these troughs make them a real eye-catcher, transforming an everyday object into a piece of timeless art.

What sets 'Shadows Of The Sky' apart is the use of Corten steel. This material, known for its durability and unique rusting properties, gives the troughs a warm color and distinct look. The rusting process, intentionally left unchecked, symbolizes change and transience, adding a layer of depth to the design. These troughs are not just indestructible; they are ever-evolving, embodying the constant flux of life.

The realization of this design involved a meticulous process. Szalai activated the rusting process of the steel surface, lending it a unique look. The technical specifications of the design are impressive, with the sculptures spanning a total length of about 11 meters. The clear, straight shapes of the steel contrast beautifully with the delicate plants they house, creating a striking balance between hard and soft, design and nature.

The design was conceived and executed in 2022 in Vienna, Austria. The artist faced the challenge of not only creating functional flower troughs and sculptures but also ensuring they served as privacy screens for the bedrooms. The heights and gaps were carefully planned to allow maximum light into the bedrooms, demonstrating the designer's attention to detail and commitment to functionality.

'Shadows Of The Sky' has been recognized for its innovative design and artistic excellence, winning the Silver A' Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is a testament to Szalai's creative prowess and his ability to seamlessly blend form and function. The design is a luxurious, unique, and timeless addition to any outdoor space, embodying the designer's vision of change and transience.

With 'Shadows Of The Sky', Zsolt Szalai has created a design that is more than just a flower trough. It is a sculpture, a statement, and a celebration of the beauty of change. As the Corten steel continues to rust and evolve, so too does the design, serving as a constant reminder of the transience and ever-changing nature of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Zsolt Szalai
Image Credits: 1: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Shadows of the sky, 2023 2: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Shadows of the sky, 2023 3: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Shadows of the sky, 2023 4: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Shadows of the sky, 2023 5: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Shadows of the sky, 2023
Project Team Members: Zsolt Szalai
Project Name: Shadows Of The Sky
Project Client: Zsolt Szalai

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