Guarding Belongings with Gaze: A Revolution in Security Gadgets

Martin Chan's Award-Winning Design Combines Innovation and User-Friendly Interface

Leaving personal belongings unattended is a common occurrence, yet it is in these moments that they are most vulnerable. Martin Chan's Gaze, a portable security gadget, is designed to prevent theft, scare away thieves, and assist in prosecution should the worst-case scenario happen. This innovative design has earned the Silver A' Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award in 2023.

Chan's inspiration for Gaze came from personal experience and a desire to protect others from similar situations. The sleek, cyber-looking gadget is designed to blend seamlessly into everyday life. Its user-friendly interface is equipped with an FHD 200-degree fisheye camera lens that records the movement of its surroundings. Gaze is protected by an innovative digital lock and a vibration sensor alarm system, which will alert the user and people nearby when abnormal movement is detected.

The production of Gaze involves the use of injection moulding. The main body is composed of ABS and PC to enhance durability, while the top layer is formed of PMMA with in-mould decoration. Hot runner technology is used in the moulding process. The material of the main body is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly plastic. The logo is engraved on the main body. Snap-fit and screw are used instead of glue for the assembly method.

Technical specifications of Gaze include a 200-degree Fisheye Camera Lens, Image Stabilization Video, a Vibration Detector, a High Volume Buzzer Alarm, a Smart Digital Lock System with Touch Panel, Audio Microphone, Built-in Memory, and a Waterproof Robust Structural Design. It also has a Built-in Lithium Ion Battery, USB-C, Pogo-pin Charging, and is Wifi Enabled with GAZE’s Mobile Phone APP.

Operating Gaze is simple. After turning on the device for video recording, the vibration detection and the smart digital lock will also be activated; the password is required to turn off the device. Unless someone successfully turns off the device, it will continue recording until out of battery. Users can operate Gaze and unlock it by pressing the panel button. Alternatively, users can remotely control Gaze via the mobile phone app.

The development of Gaze started in November 2020 in Hong Kong. The team conducted market research to find a similar product in the market with no success. Theft-related crime statistics from around the world were then collected to evaluate the imminence of developing this product. The team hopes Gaze can bring a positive social impact to society by promoting a sense of justice and bringing people together.

Designing Gaze was not without its challenges. The team had to choose the right balance between camera coverage and level of distortion due to the fisheye nature of a wide-degree lens, such that perpetrators can be clearly identified. Programming theft alerts and smart digital lock systems was also challenging, as the team aimed to minimize false alerts to reduce unnecessary embarrassment. The trade-off between battery life and the size of the device was also considered.

Despite these challenges, Gaze stands as a testament to Chan's innovative design approach. It is a product that not only serves a practical purpose but also promotes a sense of security and justice. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, Gaze is set to revolutionize the security gadget industry.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Martin Chan
Image Credits: Image #1: Creator Martin Chan, 2022. Image #2: Creator Martin Chan, 2022. Image #3: Creator Martin Chan, 2022. Image #4: Creator Martin Chan, 2022. Image #5: Creator Martin Chan, 2022.
Project Team Members: Martin Chan
Project Name: Gaze
Project Client: Martin Chan

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