Oxygensure: A Portable Rescue Bottle with Oxygen Cylinder

Integrating Safety and Convenience for Water Emergencies

Innovative Design by Chong Gao and Jianing Dong

Falling into water accidents involving vehicles are unfortunately common worldwide, often resulting in tragic outcomes. Opening the car door becomes challenging in such situations, and panic, coupled with limited lung capacity, increases the risk of drowning. To address this issue and minimize casualties, designers Chong Gao and Jianing Dong have created Oxygensure, a portable oxygen cylinder equipped with a window-breaking function.

Oxygensure stands out for its unique combination of features aimed at aiding trapped individuals in surviving and escaping water emergencies. By integrating a window hammer and an oxygen cylinder, it allows users to break the window and access the oxygen needed to breathe underwater. The pressure inside the cylinder propels the window hammer, facilitating a smooth rescue process.

The design of Oxygensure prioritizes strength and portability. The product's shell is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, ensuring durability without adding excessive weight. Inside, a 0.5L oxygen cylinder is securely placed, accompanied by a silicone mouthpiece for comfortable and efficient oxygen inhalation.

Oxygensure boasts impressive technical specifications, including an air capacity of 3.0cuft/85 liters, dimensions of 185×65mm, and a maximum pressure of 3000psi. It allows for approximately 40 breaths on the water surface and weighs 1.9kg when fully gassed. The mouthpiece is made of silicone, ensuring a hygienic and user-friendly experience.

Operating Oxygensure is straightforward. Before use, users must check the gas pressure to ensure availability. In the event of a water emergency, the lid is opened, and the mouthpiece is extracted by pressing a button. Users then bite the mouthpiece and breathe through it to replenish oxygen. Finally, the window-breaking action is performed, the mouthpiece is detached, and individuals can swim towards the water surface.

The Oxygensure project commenced in Shenyang in February 2022 and was completed in August 2022. It was exhibited at Shenyang Aerospace University in September 2022, garnering attention for its potential to enhance personal safety in water-related traffic accidents.

Gao and Dong's design process involved extensive research, including the analysis of water accidents through documentaries and scientific programs. They consulted relevant laboratories to determine the duration individuals can hold their breath underwater. By utilizing twinning technology, they recreated the water accident scenario in a computer simulation, ultimately concluding that a 0.5L container size is most suitable for self-rescue within five minutes. The portable nature of Oxygensure allows for easy placement in vehicles, ensuring preparedness for unexpected events.

The design of Oxygensure presented several challenges. Overcoming limitations in experimental sites and budget constraints, Gao and Dong successfully employed digital twinning to recreate the water accident scenario. Additionally, they ingeniously integrated the window hammer's functional characteristics, enhancing the product's convenience and effectiveness.

Oxygensure serves as a testament to the designers' commitment to personal safety in water emergencies. Its portable size, air pressure reminder device, and pressure relief mechanism make it an indispensable companion for various outdoor activities. The product's innovative design and practicality earned it the Iron A' Design Award in the Security, Safety, and Surveillance Products category in 2023. This prestigious accolade recognizes Oxygensure's adherence to industry best practices, technical excellence, and contribution to a safer world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Jianing Dong
Image Credits: Jianing Dong
Project Team Members: Chong Gao Jianing Dong Shuhui Wen Zisheng Liu Junyao Yang Yanjun Guo Bowen Yang
Project Name: Oxygensure
Project Client: Jianing Dong

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