Jinmao Palace: A Modern International Luxury Design

Combining Italian Style, Luxury, and Comfort

The Jinmao Palace design by Yongna Sheng is a testament to the influence of Italian design in the modern world. With its focus on luxury and comfort, this design offers a unique and sophisticated living experience.

The inspiration for the Jinmao Palace design comes from the quality of life in Italy during the 1950s. Italian design style emerged as one of the most influential in the world, surpassing even the prevailing Scandinavian style. The Jinmao Palace design seeks to capture the essence of this modernist consumer aesthetics.

What sets the Jinmao Palace design apart is its positioning as "modern international luxury." It seamlessly combines quality and style, catering to the owner's taste for luxury and a comfortable lifestyle. The designer has meticulously reconstructed the preferences of residents, incorporating multiple themes and color images that not only serve basic functions but also exude humanistic aesthetics. The attention to detail ensures that the house offers a sense of "private vastness and internal immensity."

The realization of the Jinmao Palace design incorporates the use of Italian light nappa cattle leather and imported ecological leather. These materials are resistant to hydrolysis for over 10 years, ensuring durability and strength. The combination of leather and cloth in the sofa adds texture and sophistication. The woodwork is finely carved, reflecting the craftsmanship and elevating the overall aesthetic of the design.

With a project area of 550 square meters, the Jinmao Palace design offers a spacious and luxurious living space. The design team went to great lengths to ensure a 1:1 restoration between the effect picture and the real scene. This involved using a professional modeling team to create real material models, allowing customers to visualize their future home.

The Jinmao Palace design project began on April 15, 2022, and was completed on June 10, 2022. Throughout the process, the design team focused on creating a comfortable and healthy home for the residents. The HVAC design incorporated air purifiers, central air conditioning, and fresh air systems to enhance the overall comfort of the space.

One of the challenges faced by the designer was to go beyond meeting the immediate needs of the customers and find sustainable design solutions. The design concept aimed to address the essential needs of users from a macro social and era perspective, rather than indulging in superficial design techniques. This approach added complexity to the overall space design but resulted in a more meaningful and impactful outcome.

In the Jinmao Palace design, the designer adheres to the concept of "new extravagance and adaptability." The focus is on simplifying complexity and polishing the design spirit through continuous experimentation. The design is not just a product of time but a reflection of the designer's artistic and spiritual interpretation. It embodies the idea that art is an integral part of design, but design is not limited to art alone.

The Jinmao Palace design, photographed by Zheng Yan in 2022, has been recognized for its excellence. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness, and technical skill while contributing to the improvement of quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yongna Sheng
Image Credits: Photographer Zheng Yan, 2022.
Project Team Members: Yongna Sheng
Project Name: Jinmao Palace
Project Client: Yongna Sheng

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Jinmao Palace IMG #5

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