Black and White: A Tasteful Show Unit for the Affluent

An Exclusive Design by Pui Wee Chong and Janice Yong

The inspiration for this show unit comes from the surrounding environment, created specifically for the affluent. It is nestled in exclusive areas surrounded by rich nature.

When Pui Wee Chong and Janice Yong received the brief for this show unit, they wanted to avoid the classic, in-your-face luxury. Instead, they aimed to create a sense of tastefulness with hidden details in the design. The color theme they chose was black and white, with accents of color from the loose furniture or hanging decorations.

The entrance of the show unit serves as the main focal point and is designed to create a wow effect. To achieve this, the designers incorporated a stunning moss art installation.

The realization of this design involved the use of leather-finished marble in the dry kitchen and granite cladding on the walls and countertops of the wet kitchen. The specifications for this show unit are 11500mm x 15850mm.

Working on this interior renovation presented several challenges for the design team. They had to work concurrently with the main builder, as certain parts of the show unit had not been constructed yet, such as the toilets and the first floor. Additionally, the area was secluded and muddy, with limited water resources. The team had to source water supply on-site to ensure the work could be carried out.

The project began in 2021 during the preliminary design stage but due to the lockdown in Malaysia, the renovation could only be carried out concurrently with the build in 2022.

Despite the challenges, the team successfully overcame them with the help of strong teamwork from all parties involved. The result is a show unit that exudes tastefulness, elegance, and a sense of hidden luxury.

This design by Pui Wee Chong and Janice Yong was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 in the category of Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design. The award recognizes outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness. It is esteemed for incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Image Credits: #1: Photographer TWJPhotography
Project Team Members: Pui Wee Chong Janice Yong Kang Ee Lin Chloe Chung Jay Liew Caroline Ting
Project Name: Black and White

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Black and White IMG #5

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