iRest V8 Fuxinhao: Revolutionizing Home Health Management

ZJ Haozhonghao Health Product Co., Ltd Transforms Massage Chairs into Family Health Centers

The iRest V8 Fuxinhao, a revolutionary massage chair designed by ZJ Haozhonghao Health Product Co., Ltd, is set to redefine home health management. The chair's unique features and advanced technology make it more than just a tool for relaxation, but a comprehensive health management system.

The inspiration behind the iRest V8 Fuxinhao was to create a one-stop solution for home health management. The designers saw the potential of massage chairs as carriers of health management functions. The relaxed state of users during a massage ensures accuracy in monitoring physiological indicators, while the enjoyable nature of the chair enhances adherence to the health management routine.

What sets the iRest V8 Fuxinhao apart from other massage chairs is its transformation into a family health management center. It is equipped with embedded physiological sensors and an application program, iRest Cloud, which facilitates health monitoring and provides personalized massage accordingly. The chair also integrates novel health-related functions, including air purification and herbal fomentation.

The realization of this design involved a combination of innovative technologies. These include a flexible and scalable guide rail structure, a two-core system for controlling massage rollers, a facial recognition system for user profile management, a pulse oximeter for collecting physiological data, an ionizer for air purification, and graphene heating for efficient thermal radiation.

The design process was not without its challenges. The team had to overcome difficulties in collecting data in dark environments and developing a matching algorithm for the automatic recommendation of massage programs. They also faced engineering challenges in designing the flexible guide rail. However, through rigorous testing and optimization, they were able to overcome these hurdles.

The iRest V8 Fuxinhao is not just a product, but a testament to the power of innovative design in improving health management. It has been recognized for its quality and innovation, winning the Silver A' Design Award in 2023. This award is given to designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise, innovation, and a remarkable level of excellence.

With its unique features and advanced technology, the iRest V8 Fuxinhao is set to revolutionize home health management. It is more than just a massage chair, but a comprehensive health management system that caters to the needs of the entire family.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Zhejiang Haozhonghao Health Product Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Image Credits : Ze Chen, Ruiheng Lan Video Credits: Yifan Kang
Project Team Members: Zhijing Zhou Yongxiang Zhang Jiayu Wang Xu Sun Jiming Bai Ruiheng Lan Yifan Kang Ze Chen
Project Name: iRest V8 Fuxinhao
Project Client: Zhejiang Haozhonghao Health Product Co., Ltd

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iRest V8 Fuxinhao IMG #5

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