Not Always Fun: A Juxtaposition of Reality and Representation

Squared's Award-Winning Print Ad Campaign Sheds Light on Harlequin Syndrome

Harlequin syndrome, a rare condition affecting the autonomic nervous system, is the focus of Squared's latest print ad campaign. The campaign, titled "Not Always Fun," aims to raise awareness about the syndrome through meticulously crafted illustrations that juxtapose the comical representation of a harlequin character with the stark reality of living with the condition.

The key visual illustrations in the campaign are based on the different representations of the word "harlequin." The designers at Squared aimed to highlight the disparity between the light-hearted, comical representation of the harlequin character and the serious medical condition, emphasizing the need for greater understanding and awareness of the syndrome.

Harlequin syndrome is associated with the absence of sweating and flushing of skin on one side of the face. The creative challenge for the Squared team was to integrate the two opposing sides of Harlequin - the comical character and the serious medical condition - without ironizing or victimizing people suffering from the syndrome.

The campaign was developed during the first trimester of 2023 and has been used in both print and digital media. The ad sizes range from a 70 x 100 cm poster to an A4 print page and various sizes of banners. The main research for the project involved understanding Harlequin syndrome and how rare diseases are addressed in general.

The "Not Always Fun" campaign has been recognized for its creativity and professional excellence, winning the Silver A' Social Design Award in 2023. The award is given to top-of-the-line designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise and innovation, and that introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

The Squared team behind the campaign includes Creative Director Yana Okoliyska and Copywriter Dessislava Pavlova. Their work on this project underscores the power of design and art direction in raising awareness about important social issues and rare medical conditions.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yana Okoliyska
Image Credits: Creative Director Yana Okoliyska Illustrator Yana Okoliyska Copywriter Dessislava Pavlova Agency Squared
Project Team Members: Creative Director - Yana Okoliyska Copywriter - Dessislava Pavlova
Project Name: Not Always Fun
Project Client: Yana Okoliyska

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Not Always Fun IMG #5

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