Residence T: A Luxurious Modern French Home

Merging Three Houses into a Functional Living Space

Inspired by Modern French aesthetics, Residence T is a stunning private home designed by Joanna Mok. With its neoclassical influences and subtle patterns, this 14,000 sq.ft. residence offers a fresh yet relaxed ambiance.

Residence T is a unique project that combines three standalone houses to create an ultra-lavish abode for an affluent couple. The design channels modern French aesthetics, blending neoclassical influences with subtle patterns and forms. The result is a timeless and sophisticated living space that exudes elegance.

The layout of Residence T was carefully planned to cater to the client's love for hosting guests and friends for house dinners and gatherings. The grand foyer with high ceilings serves as the centerpiece, surrounded by a grand living space and dining area. This layout allows for an open and spacious feel, accommodating large numbers of guests while maintaining a sense of intimacy and elegance.

To provide a more intimate and private area for the client and their family to relax and unwind, another living space was created. This separate space ensures privacy while still maintaining the cohesive and elegant look of the overall design. The moderate French design style and white color palette throughout the entire residence create a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere.

The design team faced the challenge of incorporating a variety of collectibles, rare pieces, and artworks into each room and space. The careful selection and placement of these items were crucial in creating a cohesive and visually stunning interior. Additionally, working with prestigious international brands helped to enhance the overall aesthetic and create unique wall features.

Residence T is not only a beautiful and luxurious home but also a functional and practical living space. The merging of three houses allowed for the distribution of functions and the creation of spaces suitable for daily activities. The foyer and gallery serve as bridges between the three houses, providing necessary facilities and seamlessly connecting each space.

Designed by Joanna Mok, Residence T is a testament to the beauty and elegance of modern French aesthetics. Its unique blend of neoclassical influences, subtle patterns, and forms creates a timeless and sophisticated living environment. This exceptional design was recognized with an Iron A' Design Award in 2023, highlighting its practicality, innovation, and adherence to professional and industrial standards.

Image Credits: Photographer Kenneth Chao, Residence T, 2023.

Intellectual Property Notice: Copyright belongs to Ms. Joanna Mok, 2023.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Matter Ltd
Image Credits: Image #No 1 - 5: Photographer Kenneth Chao, Residence T, 2023.
Project Team Members: Matter Ltd
Project Name: Residence T
Project Client: Matter Ltd

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