Ranger: A Visual Identity Design for the Ranger Hotel

Creating a Unique Experience for Travelers

The Ranger Hotel introduces a visual identity design that aims to provide a unique and immersive experience for its young and adventurous guests.

The Ranger Hotel, designed by Zhang Weiwei, stands out from other hotels with its innovative approach to visual identity. Inspired by fantasy stories and the concept of rangers, the design compares hotel visitors to these mythical practitioners, who are often depicted as elves. The visual system of the Ranger Hotel revolves around the Ranger Mask, which serves as the creative element to extend a series of Ranger equipment symbols. The purpose of this design is to create derivatives from these symbols, allowing visitors to interact and immerse themselves in the world of the Ranger.

One of the strengths of the Ranger Hotel's visual identity is its ability to cater to the preferences of young tourists. With a focus on simplicity, the design creates a light luxury fashion social hotel. By incorporating elements that resonate with the target audience, the Ranger Hotel offers a trendy and contemporary experience.

The realization of the Ranger Hotel's visual identity design relies on the laser hot stamping process. This technique ensures the logo and symbols exhibit an unpredictable luster from different angles, adding an air of mystery to the overall design.

The Ranger Hotel's visual identity design finds its application in various aspects of the hotel, including office supplies and hotel supplies. The design is made according to regular sizes, ensuring its practicality and compatibility with existing products.

Creating a visual identity that appeals to both Eastern and Western visitors posed a significant challenge for the design team. The concept of "Xia" differs between Chinese and Western cultures, requiring a deep understanding of the essence of Western chivalry. Through extensive research, including studying literature, books, and movies, the design team successfully expressed the essence of "Xia" through symbolic, visual, and intuitive forms. The method of character equipment deconstruction was employed to achieve the desired visual system.

The Ranger Hotel's visual identity design has received recognition for its excellence. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges the design's practicality, innovation, and adherence to professional and industrial requirements. The Ranger Hotel's visual identity design integrates industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, providing fulfillment and positive feelings to its guests, ultimately contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: WEIWEI ZHANG
Image Credits: WEIWEI ZHANG
Project Team Members: WEIWEI ZHANG
Project Name: Ranger
Project Client: WEIWEI ZHANG

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