KK-Park: A Fusion of Chinese and Korean Cultural Exchange

Yi Zhang's Award-Winning Signage System in Yancheng City, China

Yi Zhang, a renowned designer, has created a unique signage system for KK-Park, a Sino-Korean cultural exchange leisure block. The design, inspired by the deepening economic and cultural exchanges between China and South Korea, aims to link geographic information and serve as a tie for cultural exchanges.

The site of KK-Park, located in the China-South Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park, was once a playground. After renovation, it was transformed into a cultural exchange leisure block. The design's mission is to publicize the city brand and promote South Korean culture, reflecting the historical and cultural correlation between China and South Korea.

The unique properties of this design lie in its deconstruction and reconstruction of Korean elements. These include iconic ribbons of traditional Korean costume, the traditional Korean color "Obangsaek", and stroke characteristics of Korean characters. The varying shape of the signage system meets diversified functions, unifying all boards visually through a similar approach.

The signage system was realized through prefabricated twisted steel plates, highly finished in a factory. On-site installation with accurate and precise structures was implemented, ensuring the final quality of the design. The specifications of the design include a size of 2200mm x 500mm x 665mm and 5mm thick stainless steel bending.

The design team, led by Zhang Yi as the creative director, included Luo Xin as the project manager and designers Yan Meiying and Shi Yumo. The team faced the challenge of creating a design different from common shopping centers and regular playgrounds, with complex, diversified, and thematic characteristics. They fully studied the pedestrian flow, brand distribution, and event spaces for the future, intentionally controlling the density of signage with a clear key goal.

The design was awarded Silver in A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. The award is a testament to the design's strong technical characteristics, splendid artistic skill, and remarkable level of excellence.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Updesign
Image Credits: Updesign
Project Team Members: Zhang Yi (creative director) Luo Xin (project manager) Yan Meiying (designer) Shi Yumo (designer)
Project Name: KK-Park
Project Client: Updesign

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KK-Park IMG #5

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