Revolutionizing Dining: The Rotating Table by Hongliang Qian

Award-winning design redefines service robots in the dining industry

Introducing the Rotating Table, a groundbreaking dining robot designed by Hongliang Qian. This innovative design, inspired by traditional furniture structures, aims to redefine the dining experience by providing a more efficient and elegant service.

The Rotating Table stands out in the realm of dining robots due to its unique rotating dinner plate design. Unlike most dining robots that feature multi-layer fixed dinner plates, the Rotating Table eliminates the need for waitstaff to repeatedly bend over to serve or retrieve food. This design not only enhances the comfort of the waitstaff but also provides a faster and more efficient dining experience for the customers.

The design of the Rotating Table is rooted in traditional furniture structures, with a focus on elegance and efficiency. The robot boasts a silver color scheme, exuding a high-tech texture. It is also adorned with flexible atmospheric lights in various places, enhancing the dining ambiance. The organic texture on the dining plate adds an exquisite touch to the overall design.

The Rotating Table operates through a touch screen, offering functionalities such as delivery, flipping, playing music, recording, and information display. It has two different working states to cater to different functional scenarios. During transportation, the screen displays a friendly smiling face, adding a touch of warmth to the high-tech design.

The design process of the Rotating Table was a challenging one. Ensuring the synchronous flipping of the meal plate without causing the food to tilt was a significant hurdle. However, Hongliang Qian ingeniously overcame this challenge by using two sets of pulleys to control the upper and lower plates, while keeping the middle plate stable.

The Rotating Table has not only revolutionized the dining experience but also earned recognition in the design industry. It was awarded the Silver in A' Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation. This design is a remarkable example of how technology can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives to enhance efficiency and elegance.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Qian Hongliang
Image Credits: Qian Hongliang
Project Team Members: Qian Hongliang
Project Name: Rotating Table
Project Client: Qian Hongliang

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Rotating Table IMG #5

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