Zao from Xinghua Village: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Chunyang Wang's Award-Winning Liquor Packaging Design

Chunyang Wang's innovative liquor packaging design, Zao from Xinghua Village, is a modern interpretation of China's rich liquor culture. This design, which won the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, combines traditional elements with contemporary design, appealing to both local and international audiences.

Located in China, Xinghua Village is renowned for its long-standing tradition of liquor production, dating back 1,500 years. However, with changing times, fast-food liquor has gained popularity among the younger generation. This shift inspired Chunyang Wang to create a liquor packaging design that would resonate with young consumers while preserving the village's rich liquor culture.

The uniqueness of this design lies in its blend of traditional and modern elements. The packaging illustrates the process of wheat growing into liquor, a nod to the village's history. The name of the wine series, "Zao", is presented in a blend of Chinese characters and European Gothic, reflecting the fusion of cultures. The intricate patterns and slender lines on the packaging evoke a sense of both the ancient and the modern.

The design's realization is primarily in its printing process. The label features silver-pressed fine lines, while the box is crafted with UV dark lines, offering a tactile experience that enhances the user's interaction with the product. The transparent bottle showcases the liquor's pure color, further elevating the drinking experience.

Chunyang Wang's design faced the challenge of balancing the visual representation of Chinese local liquor culture with an internationally appealing design. The goal was to create a design that would not only be accepted by Chinese youth but also appreciated by international audiences. The result is a packaging design that successfully bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, making traditional local liquor more accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, Zao from Xinghua Village is a testament to the power of design in preserving and promoting cultural heritage. Chunyang Wang's innovative approach has breathed new life into Xinghua Village's traditional liquor, making it more appealing to the younger generation and expanding its market potential. This design serves as an example of how tradition and modernity can harmoniously coexist, opening new avenues for cultural exchange and understanding.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Chunyang Wang
Image Credits: Chunyang Wang
Project Team Members: Chunyang Wang
Project Name: Zao from Xinghua Village
Project Client: Chunyang Wang

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Zao from Xinghua Village IMG #5

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