Minimum Aesthetic Space: Sustainable Packaging for Eyelash Extensions

Reducing Plastic Waste and Maximizing Functionality

Professional eyelash extension cases have long been a source of plastic waste, with no efforts made to collect and reuse them. Tsunaguwork's Ltd. presents a groundbreaking solution with their Minimum Aesthetic Space packaging. This environmentally friendly design not only reduces plastic consumption by over 80%, but also offers compact storage and enhanced visibility for eyelash extensions.

Functionality and environmental friendliness are the defining features of the Minimum Aesthetic Space packaging. By significantly reducing the amount of plastic used compared to standard extension cases, this design addresses the pressing issue of plastic waste in the beauty industry. Furthermore, the interior of the package is meticulously designed to prevent delicate eyelash extensions from touching each other, ensuring their integrity. The compact size of the packaging allows for efficient storage, taking up less than two-thirds of the space required by conventional cases.

The innovative structure of the Minimum Aesthetic Space packaging opens on the side, revealing the contents when slid open. The design takes into account usability, with color-coded identification and clear labeling for easy understanding. Through the reduction of plastic usage, Tsunaguwork's Ltd. demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Measuring 22mm x 22mm x 120mm, the Minimum Aesthetic Space packaging revolutionizes the storage and transportation of eyelash extensions. Unlike the traditional method of storing extensions on a flat plate, this design allows for compact and efficient storage of a wide variety of eyelash extensions. Each extension, with its unique curl, is carefully placed to prevent overlap, ensuring easy access during treatments. The package can hold approximately 3,000 eyelash extensions, providing ample storage capacity.

The Minimum Aesthetic Space packaging was presented in Japan in April 2021 and was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award in October 2022. Its development involved extensive research into the challenges faced by eyelash salons, including the excessive use of plastic packaging and the lack of visibility during treatments. Tsunaguwork's Ltd. overcame industry conventions and designed a paper-based package that combines functionality, aesthetics, and social sustainability.

The Minimum Aesthetic Space packaging represents a significant step towards reducing plastic waste in the beauty industry. Its unique design and commitment to environmental sustainability make it a worthy recipient of the Bronze A' Design Award in Packaging Design. Tsunaguwork's Ltd. has successfully merged beautiful design with functionality, creating a product that enhances the beauty of women while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tsunaguwork's Ltd.
Image Credits: Tsunaguwork's Ltd.
Project Team Members: Hitomi Ishihara Atsushi Nishikawa Reiko Ikami Kensaku Tsujino
Project Name: Minimum Aesthetic Space
Project Client: Tsunaguwork's Ltd.

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Minimum Aesthetic Space IMG #5

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