Morigo Seiki: A Sophisticated Office Design by Shunsuke Ohe

Creating an Inspiring and Efficient Workspace

Morigo Seiki, designed by Shunsuke Ohe, is a remarkable office space that combines functionality and aesthetics to create an environment that fosters productivity and creativity. With careful attention to layout, lighting, and interior design, this office sets a new standard for workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Office design plays a crucial role in enhancing work efficiency and overall business performance. Morigo Seiki understands this importance and has meticulously planned its space to meet the specific needs of its employees. The office provides a well-organized layout, conducive to concentration and focus, allowing employees to immerse themselves in their work.

One of the unique features of Morigo Seiki is the spacious desks that have no boundaries between seats. This design choice promotes collaboration and communication among team members, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Additionally, the office includes two types of meeting spaces: an open area without partition walls and a room enclosed by soundproofed walls. This variety allows for flexibility in conducting meetings, ensuring privacy when needed and promoting open dialogue in other instances.

The interior coloring of Morigo Seiki is carefully chosen to create a cool and professional atmosphere. The predominant colors of black and gray are complemented by wooden accents, adding warmth and a touch of nature to the space. The use of soundproof glass in the room-type meeting spaces creates a visually connected environment, making the office feel open and inviting.

Efficiency is further enhanced by the inclusion of a cafe counter and bench seats, providing employees with spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation. These well-balanced on and off areas contribute to a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that employees have the opportunity to recharge and maintain their productivity throughout the day.

The design realization of Morigo Seiki incorporates a combination of materials to achieve its desired aesthetic and functionality. The ceiling is painted, while the walls feature a mix of mortar, glass, PVC sheet, and wallpaper. The floor is finished with tile carpet and PVC tiles, carefully chosen to match the characteristics of each space within the office.

Morigo Seiki, designed by Shunsuke Ohe, is a testament to the power of thoughtful office design. By considering every aspect, from layout to lighting, this office creates an environment that promotes efficiency, collaboration, and employee well-being. It is no wonder that this design has been recognized with the prestigious Bronze A' Design Award, showcasing its outstanding creativity and contribution to improving the quality of workspaces.

Image Credits: Photograph by TETSURO GOTO, ISOLA Inc.

Intellectual Property Notice: Interior design by LUSTYdesign Inc.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: SHUNSUKE OHE
Image Credits: Photograph : TETSURO GOTO by ISOLA Inc.
Project Team Members: SHUNSUKE OHE
Project Name: Morigo Seiki
Project Client: SHUNSUKE OHE

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Morigo Seiki IMG #5

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