Kukuk Box: Revolutionizing Playgrounds with Mobile Design

Unveiling a New Era of Public Playgrounds: Mobile, Sustainable, and Innovative

Discover Kukuk Box, a groundbreaking concept in public playgrounds. Designed by Kukuk Box GmbH, this mobile playground is a unique blend of industrial design and traditional craftsmanship, transforming urban spaces into child-friendly zones.

The inspiration behind Kukuk Box was the desire to create an aesthetic, temporary playground that could make urban open spaces more child-friendly. The challenge was to design a playground that was mobile and did not require permanent foundations. The result is a clever concept of a playground container that is not only flexible but also cost-effective and quick to assemble. This innovative design offers the possibility of inspiring different audiences at new locations.

The Kukuk Box stands out for its unique properties. It is a new category of public playgrounds for children, made of shipping containers and natural wood. This magical space invites children to climb, swing, jump, and balance. The design is a perfect combination of industrial design and traditional wood craftsmanship that brings fun and joy to a new generation. It is mobile, trendy, and sustainable.

The realization of the Kukuk Box is a testament to the commitment to sustainability. The design repurposes shipping containers and uses high-quality, natural materials. The components include corten steel for the standardized containers, European sourced sapwood-free robinia wood, extremely strong Hercules rope, stainless steel fasteners, and colored plexiglass for an intense color experience.

The Kukuk Box is easy to operate. It is brought by a truck, folded out, swiveled, and put into position, and the new playground is ready. Containers are standardized, which offers many advantages, including cost savings, reduced planning processes, and production times. The design eliminates the need for excavation and foundations. Children are attracted to the Kukuk Box, as a container has the image of something forbidden and dangerous - now they can storm it as a unique and trendy play facility.

The design of the Kukuk Box was a complex task that required aligning contrary standards of an industrial product with strict norms for a safe children's environment. The result is a certified, safe playground facility that is heavily used by the public in a central city shopping area. The design was awarded Silver in A' Playground Equipment, Play Structures and Public Park Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: KuKuk Box GmbH
Image Credits: Image #1: KuKuk Box GmbH Image #2: KuKuk Box GmbH Image #3: KuKuk Box GmbH Image #4: KuKuk Box GmbH Image #5: KuKuk Box GmbH Video: KuKuk Box GmbH
Project Team Members: Bernwart A. Engelen, KuKuk Box GmbH Kim Benjamin Kappenberg, City Wolfsburg
Project Name: Kukuk Box
Project Client: KuKuk Box GmbH

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