Coexisting With Nature: A Unique Dental Clinic by Yoshiaki Tanaka

Revolutionizing Healthcare Architecture with a Nature-Inspired Design

Yoshiaki Tanaka, a renowned architect, has created a unique dental clinic that harmonizes with nature. This innovative design, which won the Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, aims to transform the traditional perception of dental clinics into a place of healing and relaxation.

The design inspiration for this project came from the client's desire to create a clinic that patients would look forward to visiting. The client's affinity for the bamboo groves and loquat trees on the property, coupled with the site's unique characteristics, provided the perfect opportunity for Tanaka to design a clinic that allows patients to experience nature.

What sets this dental clinic apart from others is Tanaka's ingenious use of the existing land's vegetation, height difference, and depth. The clinic's functions were arranged to match the land's characteristics, and they were connected through open corridors and multiple roofs. This design approach gives people a sense of floating and sinking into the ground, adding to the overall unique experience.

The realization of this design required careful planning and execution. Tanaka and his team preserved as much of the existing plants as possible while determining the area for the building. The rooms were laid out with the clinic's function and the imagined scenery in mind, and they were connected with a wooden frame roof that reveals the space's volume. This design approach, coupled with the strategic placement of the floor height, enhances the feeling of floating in the waiting room and sinking into the ground towards the examination room and staff zone.

The project, which spanned from February 2021 to April 2022, was not without its challenges. Constructing the building without damaging the existing trees was a significant hurdle that Tanaka and his team had to overcome. They enlisted the help of a landscaping expert to determine which trees could be kept and which ones needed to be transplanted. Additionally, they had to devise the roof structure to create a unified space wrapped in a large roof.

In conclusion, Yoshiaki Tanaka's nature-inspired dental clinic design is a testament to his innovative approach to architecture. By taking advantage of the land's unique characteristics and incorporating them into the clinic's design, Tanaka has created a space that not only offers a new experience for patients but also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide generated during land development. This project serves as an excellent example of how design and innovation can transform traditional spaces into places of healing and relaxation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yoshiaki Tanaka
Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Hiroshi Tanigawa Image #2: Photographer Hiroshi Tanigawa Image #3: Photographer Hiroshi Tanigawa Image #4: Photographer Hiroshi Tanigawa Image #5: Photographer Hiroshi Tanigawa
Project Team Members: Yoshiaki Tanaka
Project Name: Coexisting With Nature
Project Client: Yoshiaki Tanaka

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Coexisting With Nature IMG #5

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