Walk Me: A Sustainable and Ergonomic Dog Leash

Redesigning the Dog Leash for Comfort and Sustainability

The Walk Me dog leash, designed by Hi Jac, revolutionizes the conventional dog leash with its ergonomic handle and sustainable materials.

When it comes to dog leashes, comfort and sustainability are often overlooked. The Walk Me leash, designed by Hi Jac, addresses these issues head-on. Inspired by the limited sustainable dog leashes available on the market and the design limitations of the conventional dog leash, Hi Jac set out to create a leash that not only prioritizes the comfort of the human handler but also incorporates sustainable materials and manufacturing methods.

The standout feature of the Walk Me leash is its ergonomic handle. Unlike traditional loop handles that can cause discomfort and even pain when a dog pulls on the leash, the Walk Me handle is designed to contour to the human hand's natural grip. Taking inspiration from a knuckle duster, the handle provides a comfortable and sturdy grip, ensuring that the handler's hand remains stable even during moments of tension. This innovative design flawlessly combines form and function, making the Walk Me leash a pleasure to use.

Another unique aspect of the Walk Me leash is its distinctive handle pattern. Each handle is individually crafted during the molding and baking process, resulting in splats, splotches, and swirls of color that are unique to each leash. This not only adds a touch of personality to the leash but also showcases the craftsmanship behind its production.

Sustainability is at the core of the Walk Me leash's design. The handle is made from 100% post-consumer plastic, specifically recycled shampoo and conditioner bottles. By repurposing these bottles, Hi Jac contributes to the circular economy and reduces waste. The leash rope is made from 100% R-pet, further emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainability.

The manufacturing process of the Walk Me leash is equally impressive. The handle is created through compression molding, using shredded and sorted plastic bottles. The shreds are weighed according to color recipes and sprinkled into the mold, resulting in the unique handle patterns. After baking and cooling, the handles are carefully removed and trimmed by hand. The finished handles are then connected to the leash rope and carabiner through secure knots, ensuring durability and safety.

The Walk Me leash comes in two standard lengths, 1.25m and 1.75m, and boasts a rope breaking force of 285KG, ensuring the safety of both the handler and the dog. With its thoughtful design and sustainable materials, the Walk Me leash is a testament to Hi Jac's commitment to creating innovative and environmentally conscious products.

The Walk Me leash project started in September 2019 and was completed in November 2020. Throughout the design process, Hi Jac conducted extensive research, analyzing existing dog leashes on the market and testing samples and prototypes. Iterations were made to perfect the shape, weight, size, and color recipes of the leash, resulting in a design that is both eye-catching and practical.

Recognizing the excellence of the Walk Me leash, it was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Sustainable Products, Projects, and Green Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges the outstanding creativity and resourcefulness of the design, as well as its contribution to improving the quality of life and making the world a better place.

The Walk Me dog leash, designed by Hi Jac, is a game-changer in the world of pet accessories. With its ergonomic handle, distinctive design, and sustainable materials, it sets a new standard for comfort and sustainability in dog leashes. Say goodbye to uncomfortable grips and hello to a leash that truly walks the talk.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hi Jac
Image Credits: Hi Jac
Project Team Members: Designed by People & Things (product design) in Sydney, Australia
Project Name: Walk Me
Project Client: Hi Jac

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