Revolutionizing Urban Spaces: AIOT Smart Park

4Paradigm UED's Award-Winning Interface Design for Future Cities

4Paradigm UED's AIOT Smart Park, an AI product design, is transforming urban spaces with its unique integration of artificial intelligence, digital twin, and edge computing technologies. This innovative design, which won the prestigious Golden A' Interface, Interaction, and User Experience Design Award in 2023, is set to redefine how parks are managed and experienced.

The AIOT Smart Park is a testament to the power of advanced technology in shaping our environment. The design team, led by Yun Xu and Wei Wang, was inspired by the potential of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize park management. The system integrates security, environment, energy consumption, personnel, logistics, equipment, and affairs into a single, intelligent platform.

What sets the AIOT Smart Park apart is its closed-loop capability of edge autonomy. This feature allows for small-batch data management and recycling at the edge, independent of the cloud, and enables the self-renewal of the model at the edge. The design also leverages digital twin three-dimensional technology for real-time, dynamic, and intuitive service management through visualization.

The design's realization is as impressive as its concept. The new UI interface uses advanced metal texture and fretting effect to enhance the futuristic feel and ease of operation. The design quality is visually highlighted with a neutral color, while strong color differences in function and warning create a scene atmosphere.

Behind this innovative design is a rigorous research process. The team integrated data resources from various fields of the park, providing multi-dimensional data awareness and global situation insight. The design also restores the buildings in the park using digital twin technology, enabling unified data collection, analysis, presentation, and control of all facilities and equipment through the park LAN.

The AIOT Smart Park is not just a design; it's a vision for the future of urban spaces. As 4Paradigm UED notes, the establishment of Smart Parks will greatly strengthen the development of the urban economy. From wisdom to intelligence, artificial intelligence technology will improve the operation efficiency of the parks, form a cluster effect, and help promote the economic development of the whole city.

With its innovative approach and commitment to harnessing the power of technology, 4Paradigm UED's AIOT Smart Park is truly a design for the future. It's a testament to the transformative power of design and a glimpse into the potential of our urban spaces.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: 4Paradigm UED
Image Credits: Image Copyright: Yun Xu , Wei Wang , Mian Chi, Kai Wang Video Copyright:Kai Wang
Project Team Members: Design Director: Yun Xu Design Manager: Wei Wang Designer: Mian Chi, Designer: Kai Wang
Project Name: AIOT Smart Park
Project Client: 4Paradigm UED

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AIOT Smart Park  IMG #5

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