Hotaru: A Chair That Illuminates Your Reading Experience

A Unique Stool Designed by Misaki Kiyuna

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, the amount of time spent at home has increased. I designed a chair with integrated lighting for reading books in order to enrich my time alone. This work was inspired by performers who were spotlighted on stage. Because it was similar to reading a book with a light in a dark room. It turns on and off in the dark in response to people. The blinking appearance looks like a firefly that emits a fantastic and gentle light. I named it Hotaru in Japanese.

Hotaru, designed by Misaki Kiyuna, is not your ordinary chair. It is a stool that combines functionality, aesthetics, and innovation to enhance your reading experience. With its integrated lighting, Hotaru creates a cozy and enchanting atmosphere, perfect for diving into your favorite books.

What sets Hotaru apart from other stools is its unique design and features. When you sit on Hotaru, your hands are illuminated by the bright light emanating from the chair. The light stand also acts as a backrest, providing comfort and support while you indulge in your reading sessions. But Hotaru is not limited to being just a chair. It can also be used as a side table and lighting fixture by placing it on your bedside.

Hotaru is made using laminated plywood, which adds a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the design. The chair can be easily assembled without the need for any metal fittings, making it a convenient and user-friendly piece of furniture.

Hotaru comes in two sizes to cater to different users. The smaller size is suitable for children and women, while the larger size is designed for men. Regardless of the size, Hotaru's stand serves as a charming backrest, adding a playful element to the stool when a child sits on it.

Designed in Okinawa in 2022, Hotaru is a result of extensive research on furniture suitable for small spaces. With Japanese houses having limited floor plans, the integration of a chair and lighting was a novel proposal by Misaki Kiyuna. The chair's lighting system responds to people in the dark, creating a magical and captivating experience.

Hotaru has received recognition for its innovative design. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Furniture Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that exhibit creativity, resourcefulness, and contribute to improving the quality of life. With its combination of art, science, design, and technology, Hotaru truly stands out as a remarkable piece of furniture.

Experience the enchantment of Hotaru and elevate your reading experience with this unique stool that seamlessly blends design and functionality.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Misaki Kiyuna
Image Credits: [Image # 1: Misaki Kiyuna, Hotaru, 2021][Image # 2: Misaki Kiyuna, Hotaru, 2021][Image # 3: Misaki Kiyuna, Hotaru, 2021][Image # 4: Misaki Kiyuna, Hotaru, 2021][Image # 5: Misaki Kiyuna, Hotaru, 2021]
Project Team Members: Misaki Kiyuna
Project Name: Hotaru
Project Client: Misaki Kiyuna

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