Minimalism Realm

A Pure and Minimalist Residential Design by Chiyan Interior Design

This project is inspired by the concept of 'Pure', aiming to provide a space of tranquility and inner peace for the client. The design team boldly uses a single color as the main visual, enhancing the minimalist style and creating a harmonious atmosphere.

The Minimalism Realm project by Chiyan Interior Design showcases a unique approach to residential design, focusing on purity and consistency. The design team utilized a variety of techniques to emphasize the minimalist aesthetic and create a textured atmosphere.

The project features a nude color palette as the base, reflecting natural radiance and ivory white to create a textured and serene atmosphere. The design team removed partitions in the public area to maximize the small space and presented the TV wall in a suspended manner, adding a touch of elegance. By taking advantage of the different reflective properties of each material, a single color is able to present a more diversified look.

The realization of the Minimalism Realm design involved the use of eco-friendly materials such as PANDOMO seamless flooring, eco-friendly latex paint, and micro-cement seamless paint. The space is adorned with a minimum of decorative techniques and a minimal variety of building materials, allowing the characteristics of the materials to shine through and delicately express the different looks of a single color.

This newly completed house spans a total area of 92.5 square meters and features two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room. The layout and visual lines are intuitively organized, with arcs covering beams and columns to create a sense of visual direction and functionality in each area. The suspended TV wall design adds an element of light and shadow, allowing the client to enjoy the interplay of light and shadow within the space.

The Minimalism Realm design is characterized by its minimalist, pure, and light color aesthetic. The use of arcs, concealed storage, and restrained decorative techniques preserves the purity and consistency of the space, in line with its minimalist theme. The smoothness of the PANDOMO flooring amplifies the visual impact, while the concealed cabinetry provides a consistent appearance and satisfies basic storage needs.

Completed in September 2021 in Taiwan, the Minimalism Realm project required careful research and consideration. The design team focused on building materials, layout, and design techniques to present a pure space that resonates with the inner self. Overcoming the challenge of monotony, the team removed partitions to enhance lighting and create an open view, allowing light to become the best accent. Different levels of brightness falling on various materials create a unique look and delicate texture.

The Minimalism Realm design by Chiyan Interior Design captures the essence of minimalism, providing a space that purifies the impurities of everyday life and allows the client to appreciate the purity of the senses. Through the use of color, design elements, and light and shadow, the design team elegantly creates a sense of beauty and delicately presents the details of the space.

Image Credits: Chiyan Interior Design

Awards and Accolades: The Minimalism Realm design was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes designs that showcase creativity, resourcefulness, and technical skills, contributing to improvements in quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Chiyan Interior Design
Image Credits: Chiyan Interior Design
Project Team Members: Vincent Li, Hsiao-Jou Wang
Project Name: Minimalism Realm
Project Client: Chiyan Interior Design

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