Reviving Tradition: U A D's Innovative Qiushi Academy

Blending Traditional Chinese Architecture with Modern Design Techniques

U A D's Qiushi Academy, a multifunctional building complex, breathes new life into traditional Chinese architecture by integrating modern design techniques and functions. This award-winning project is a testament to the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation.

Located in the heart of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, the Qiushi Academy is a modern interpretation of its historical predecessor. The building complex, designed to host small and medium academic talks, conferences, and exhibitions, is a perfect blend of traditional Chinese architectural forms and modern design techniques. The complex's symmetric arrangement exudes a sense of solemnity, while its asymmetric variations add a touch of dynamism.

The unique properties of the Qiushi Academy lie in its thoughtful design that takes into account the site's topography and water system. The staggered buildings around the courtyard are a nod to the dynamic feature of south Chinese architecture, while the solemn touch is borrowed from north Chinese architecture. This blend of styles results in a complex that embodies both local architectural characteristics and the essence of higher educational constructions.

The Qiushi Academy is a testament to modern technology's role in reviving traditional architecture. The project primarily uses modern reinforced concrete to replace traditional bricks and wooden materials. Innovations in structures and forms are evident, with the use of a modern frame and long-span truss structure creating a large lecture hall without columns. Traditional timber plates under the eaves have been replaced with reflective coated glass, introducing more daylight into the interior and creating a fresh visual effect.

The design team faced several challenges during the realization of the project. The complex interior under the traditional roof required careful planning to harmonize with the exposed structural system. The team successfully merged pipelines and sprinklers with indoor components and partial decorations, meeting firefighting requirements without compromising the interior decoration. The advanced intelligent system not only meets current practical needs but also adapts to future development.

The Qiushi Academy is more than just a building complex; it is a symbol of Zhejiang University's history and the spirit of "seeking truth". The variant of the hip-and-gable roof with double eaves used in the lecture hall breaks away from traditional temple and palace forms, adding a majestic touch. The building complex, featuring cultural elements, is a reproduction of the original academy, carrying a history of over a hundred years.

The Qiushi Academy's innovative design and respect for tradition have not gone unnoticed. The project was awarded Silver in the A' Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation. The award recognizes top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: U A D
Image Credits: Zhao Qiang
Project Team Members: Luo Qingping Ru Dan Yin Nong Cui He Su Renyi Xiao Zhibin Pan Jiafu Xuan Jican Wang Zhenggang Yang Yi Tian Xiangning Lu Dehai Jin Shengjie Sang Songbiao Jiang Bing Dong Hao Xia Jiming Chen Dong Chen Shengxian Zhang Ying
Project Name: Qiushi
Project Client: U A D

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