Kayan 2022: A Unique and Functional Calendar Design

A Foldable Poster with Architectural Inspiration

The Kayan 2022 calendar, designed by Hassan Taher, combines functionality and aesthetics in a unique and innovative way. Inspired by the geometric shapes of the Kayan logo, this calendar features 12 iconic shapes that resemble a broken cube. The design not only serves as a practical tool for keeping track of dates but also transforms into a stunning architectural poster when the year ends.

The concept behind the Kayan 2022 calendar was to create a design that goes beyond its primary function. The foldable pocket-size design allows for easy collection and consideration. When opened, it unfolds into a large square poster that can be displayed on a board or wall, showcasing the unique architectural designs developed by Kayan Office.

One of the standout features of this calendar is its simplicity. The dates are displayed in gray color, while the weekends are highlighted in a different shade for easy identification. The numbers flow around the iconic shapes, creating a visually appealing and easily readable design. Unlike traditional calendars, there is no need to add days above the dates, making it even more user-friendly.

The Kayan 2022 calendar is printed on wood-free paper with a thickness of 170 gsm. The uncoated paper enhances the tactile experience and adds a touch of elegance to the design. When folded, the calendar measures 14.85 x 14.85 cm, and when opened, it expands to a size of 59.4 x 59.4 cm.

Functionality is a key aspect of this design. The calendar provides ample white space for users to add notes and mark important dates, making it practical for everyday use. Once the year comes to an end, the poster can be flipped to display the captivating collage of architectural details on the reverse side, serving as a decorative piece that showcases Kayan Office's design prowess.

The Kayan 2022 calendar project started in August in Kuwait and was printed in December. The limited resources available in the Kuwait market posed a challenge in finding the right materials for the project. However, the decision to keep the design simple proved to be the best choice.

This innovative calendar design has garnered recognition in the design industry. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023 in the Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design category. This prestigious award is given to designs that demonstrate excellence in functionality, practicality, and innovation, meeting professional and industrial requirements.

The Kayan 2022 calendar, with its unique blend of form and function, is a testament to the creative vision of Hassan Taher and the design expertise of Kayan Office. It not only serves as a practical tool but also adds a touch of sophistication to any space it occupies.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hassan Abdullah Taher
Image Credits: Photos credits belong to JACK WOZNIAK, Photographer Optional Image: #03_hassan_taher_kayan_calendar, Working Room Render belongs to NORDES design group (and was used for presentation purpose only)
Project Team Members: Hassan Abdullah Taher
Project Name: Kayan 2022
Project Client: Hassan Abdullah Taher

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Kayan 2022 IMG #5

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