Kite: A Unique Packaging Design Inspired by Weifang Kite

A Three-Tiered Cultural Souvenir

The kite museum mooncake gift box combines traditional Chinese craftsmanship with modern design.

The Kite, a packaging design created by Xi Zhao, is a unique and innovative creation inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Weifang kite. Weifang kite is a traditional Chinese handicraft treasure with a long history and great influence. This design serves as the mooncake gift box for the kite museum, incorporating elements of Weifang kite and adopting a three-tier structure. The main color tones used are 'Shi Yang Jin', 'Zhu Qing', and 'Iris Blue', which highlight the distinctive cultural symbols of Weifang. The design is both practical and aesthetic, making it a perfect representation of the local culture.

What sets the Kite museum mooncake gift box apart from general souvenirs is its unique composition. The gift box consists of small kite crafts, carved paper lamps, and mooncake cakes, creating a composite gift box with three experiences, three levels, and three combinations. This design aims to evoke different sensory experiences, such as visual, tactile, and taste, to connect with traditional cultural memory. It caters to the diverse needs of consumers, allowing them to appreciate, participate in production, and enjoy the taste of the cultural heritage.

The realization of the Kite packaging involves a combination of different materials and techniques. The external box is made of hard cardboard and printed in color. The inner small box is composed of 300 grams of special paper, featuring printed kite patterns. The paper carved lamps are created using traditional color cardboard hollow techniques and are supported by wooden frames. The internal manual material package is made of bamboo, wire, and paper, allowing for reuse. The packaging process is simple and suitable for mass production.

The Kite packaging has the following specifications: Width: 380mm, Length: 380mm, Height: 150mm. These dimensions ensure that the gift box is spacious enough to accommodate the various components and provide an enjoyable unboxing experience.

This unique packaging design has been recognized and awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Packaging Design category. The award acknowledges the outstanding creativity and ingenuity of the Kite design, which successfully integrates cultural elements and enhances the overall consumer experience. The Kite packaging design exemplifies the fusion of art, science, design, and technology, contributing to the improvement of quality of life and making the world a better place.

The Kite packaging design project commenced in Chongqing in July 2021 and was completed in October 2021. It was exhibited in Chongqing in December 2021, showcasing the beauty and cultural significance of Weifang kite to a wider audience.

Through extensive research and innovative thinking, the design team behind the Kite packaging successfully activated the traditional kite culture through this gift box souvenir. They overcame various creative, technical, and research challenges to transform the unique cultural imprint into a visually stunning and meaningful design. The Kite museum mooncake gift box not only serves as a souvenir but also as a representation of the rich cultural heritage of Weifang kite.

With its administrative levels feeling and incorporation of local kite elements, the Kite packaging design offers a sensory experience that combines sight, touch, and taste. It allows consumers to not only appreciate the beauty of the design but also engage in the craft process of making kites themselves. The materials used in the packaging are reusable and environmentally friendly, reflecting the team's commitment to sustainability.

The Kite packaging design is a testament to the team's dedication to preserving and promoting traditional cultural craftsmanship. It showcases the beauty of Weifang kite and its cultural significance, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate art, design, and the rich history of Chinese craftsmanship.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xi Zhao, Shaoyang Ren,Gang Li,Jiaqi Xuan
Image Credits: Xi Zhao, Shaoyang Ren,Gang Li,Jiaqi Xuan
Project Team Members: Xi Zhao, Shaoyang Ren,Gang Li,Jiaqi Xuan.
Project Name: Kite
Project Client: Xi Zhao, Shaoyang Ren,Gang Li,Jiaqi Xuan

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