The Zlin Region: Redefining Boundaries through Creative Design

Radoslav Dostal's Innovative Brand and Visual Identity

The turbulent times we live in, technology-driven changes, and the ever-evolving Zlin region have all served as inspirations for the project. Radoslav Dostal, the visionary designer behind the brand and visual identity, draws inspiration from the Czech Henry Ford, Tomas Bata, and the region's inhabitants themselves, who embody creativity and the ability to break free from self-imposed mental borders. The design aims to represent Zlin's historical districts and its creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Zlin Region's brand and visual identity, created by Radoslav Dostal, is a testament to uniqueness and originality. It goes beyond traditional Czech regional branding styles, offering a fresh perspective on how a region can be represented. The design dispenses carefully crafted brand DNA and essence of Live Creative Spirit to reinterpret the phrase "Outside The Box." It features a complex square-based visual identity that symbolizes the philosophical dichotomy between self-imposed limits and unrestricted possibilities.

The design showcases a Region Without Borders, embodying Zlin's creative and entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, worldliness, and courage. It breaks free from the confines of a boxed-in comfort zone, encouraging the region's creativity to flourish beyond imagined and actual borders. The square's edges represent Zlin's natural roots, anchoring and framing the design, while also denoting the transformative nature of the region.

The visual identity incorporates primary colors such as black, white, dark yellow, and light yellow. The use of yellow pays homage to Zlin's traditional hue, adding a touch of reverence to the design. Additionally, part of the word "Zlinsky" is covered, emphasizing the iconoclasm of the design and the region it represents.

The Zlin Region's brand and visual identity were realized using digital technologies. This modern approach disrupts traditional methods of regional branding and reflects the region's forward-thinking mindset. The design aims to position Zlin away from Prague's periphery and towards a new horizon of creativity and innovation.

Radoslav Dostal, along with the design team, including Zuzana Behova, Jan Blazek, Tomas Nedved, and Milan Nguyen, has successfully transformed perceptions and conceptions of Zlin. The design serves as a foundation for communicating the brand's values of acting, thinking, and living "Outside The Box." It encourages interaction and collaboration, allowing the region's inhabitants to break through physical and metaphorical walls, embracing creativity and innovation.

The Zlin Region's brand and visual identity project began in 2021 and concluded in 2022. Extensive research into Zlin's history and visionaries, such as Tomas Bata, formed the basis for the brand's essence of Live Creative Spirit. Overcoming the challenges posed by a declining population and a traditionally dry and dull approach to branding, the design team made strategic and creative decisions to go bold, breaking free from the constraints of the past.

The Zlin Region's brand and visual identity, created by Radoslav Dostal, has been recognized for its excellence. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 in the category of Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate outstanding creativity, technical skills, and contributions to improving quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Little Greta
Image Credits: Photographer Julius Filip Film maker Radim Vanous
Project Team Members: Strategy: Zuzana Behova, Jan Blazek Creative Director: Tomas Nedved Art Director: Radoslav Dostal Graphic Designer: Milan Nguyen
Project Name: The Zlin Region
Project Client: Little Greta

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The Zlin Region IMG #5

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