Ai Waist: The Ultimate Relaxing Mattress

Integrating Technology and Comfort for a Better Sleep Experience

Inspired by the need to address modern health problems and the busy lifestyles of individuals, Xilinmen Furniture Co., Ltd. presents Ai Waist, a revolutionary mattress that combines relaxation and technology to provide targeted relief for the lumbar back.

Ai Waist is designed to combat lumbar muscle strain and ligament strain caused by daily work and life. With the increasing demands of everyday life, it has become challenging for individuals to find time for targeted relief exercises for their lumbar back. This is where Ai Waist comes in, integrating a massaging function into the leisure space, offering muscle relief during rest.

What sets Ai Waist apart is its AI sleep analysis system, which automatically adjusts the mattress based on the user's figures. This intelligent feature helps relieve life pressure and improves sleep quality. The mattress also features a unique double airbag traction system, a graphene heating module, and other humanized features that contribute to a better user experience.

The mattress module of Ai Waist is made using advanced technology. It incorporates a deep sleep energy spring of high elasticity, 3D jute, spine protection foam of high density, and Thailand-imported latex composition. The surface of the mattress has an antibacterial and antimite fabric, while the interior houses a graphene heating module, zonal airbag, and sensing module for analysis.

With dimensions of 1800mm width, 2000mm depth, and 240mm height, Ai Waist is designed to fit the needs of different users. Its left and right-zoned design allows two users to use it simultaneously, catering to individual preferences and requirements.

The interaction with Ai Waist is effortless. The internal highly elastic spring can sense the weight of different users and adjust its contraction accordingly when lying on the mattress. The airbag on the waist and leg of users provides messaging through its flexible touch. The graphene module can heat up while massaging, aiding in better muscle relaxation. Additionally, Ai Waist offers a natural wake-up function, gently waking up the user in the morning.

The project was designed and developed in Shaoxing, Zhejiang in March 2022 and launched in China in May 2022. The design team, consisting of Eyu Chen, Yong Fang, Yanhua Wang, Yawei Wang, Xingguang Yu, Jiadan Zheng, Luye Chen, and Jianjun Li, worked diligently to overcome challenges and create a mattress that prioritizes sleep health and comfort.

Ai Waist has been recognized for its exceptional design and functionality. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Bedding Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that exhibit strong technical and creative skills, contributing to quality of life improvements.

Ai Waist is not just a mattress; it is a lifestyle choice. By combining resting space with intelligent technology, it offers a unique three-in-one waist relief system that provides targeted support for the waist and leg through the flexible movement of airbags. The graphene module ensures warmth during massages, promoting effective muscle relaxation. With its balanced combination of antibacterial and antimite fabric and various materials, Ai Waist enhances the overall user experience, making it the ultimate relaxing mattress.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xilinmen Furniture Co., Ltd.
Image Credits: Xilinmen Furniture Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Eyu Chen Yong Fang Yanhua Wang Yawei Wang Xingguang Yu Jiadan Zheng Luye Chen Jianjun Li
Project Name: Ai Waist
Project Client: Xilinmen Furniture Co., Ltd.

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